Common Daily Habits That Stop Your Shoulder Pain from Getting Better

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Common Daily Habits That Stop Your Shoulder Pain from Getting Better.

  1. Sitting on a couch or recliner with poor posture and arms unsupported. When you sit on a typical couch or recliner you tend to slouch into a rounded out, slumped back posture.
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  2. This slumped posture causes your shoulders to be rounded and forward. With your shoulders in that position they are at more risk for further injury. The harmful position also makes it harder for the shoulders to heal. To combat the softness of a couch or recliner we recommend using a throw pillow behind your low back to provide support.
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    In addition, we recommend using another pillow under your painful shoulder arm while sitting to provide support and allow it to heal optimally. In fact, our recommendation is to always place a pillow under your arm for support while sitting (every chance possible). Especially while trying to get your shoulder pain to calm down.

  3. Putting your shoulder in an awkward position like reaching into the back seat.
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  4. Repetitive overhead activities such as painting or pruning a tree.
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  5. Repetitive activities with your arm (level or below level) but with your upper back in poor posture. Examples writing on a white board or smart board, painting, or driving a car.

  6. Forceful pulling. Examples include pulling a weed out of the ground, lifting a suitcase, or pulling on the starter cord for a lawn mower.
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  7. Having a bra strap too far out on the shoulder. Causing increased stress on shoulder blade- possibly depressing it. Obtain bra whose straps are closer to the neck.

  8. Carrying a bag strap on same shoulder over and over. This causes the shoulder blade to depress (descend) and stretch out.
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  9. Poor posture while using your arms- including using computer, eating, or knitting.
    Screenshot (622).png

  10. Sleeping in poor positions-see video-How to Stop Shoulder Pain in Bed (Sleeping Postures)

  11. Repetitive overhead sports activities. Swimming, tennis, baseball pitcher, etc. Lifting weights overhead.
    Screenshot (619).png

  12. Eating while leaning on to one of your shoulders. Many people have the habit of leaning on one of their elbows while eating with the opposite hand. This places continuous stress on the shoulder located above the elbow as it is jammed into the socket (and internally rotated). Avoid leaning on the elbow.
    Screenshot (621).png

  13. Performing overhead activities without frequent breaks or rests.

This video is part of a series of videos for how to treat Shoulder Pain. Check the full series of videos along with the downloadable guide sheets for each video on our website here:

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