Snow, snow and more snow

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Christmas was not white this year. Well, freezing, so a little white, but not snowy white. It's okay, I don't expect much anymore.

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I remember back when I was young and winter held snow. It still does, sometimes. I think we generally have one or two good snow times a year now. I'm not sure whether it was more when I was younger, or maybe I just remember it like that. Remember only the few snowy days we had. Remember only those times we were able to skate on the ice.

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I like the look of snow. Especially the new snow, before everyone stomps on it and rides over it. The snow with just a few bird feet and cat paws in it. The pristine white. It's pretty!

I don't very much enjoy snow after it's been there a while. Once it's sullied and messy and muddy. Then it just becomes annoying when I have to go out.

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I wonder how much snow we'll get this winter. Christmas was freezing, but dry. Right now it's quite wet, but much higher temperatures. I guess I do enjoy this more, because I just hate the freezing cold. But hey, winter has only just started, so there's probably plenty of cold days still to come.

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Either way, I have no say in these things, so I'll just be along for the ride. For now, I'm just using #throwbackthursday to share some beautiful snowy pictures with you from back when life was easier (I was younger) and white. Eleven years ago.

If I don't post again until the new year, I wish you all a great time during new years. Enjoy yourselfs and stay safe!

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I love to see landscapes covered with snow, even in photos like the ones you show, it hurts that with the warming of planet earth those spaces will no longer have it. Greetings, blessings.

It is a shame what we're doing to nature, I agree.

Beautiful photos of the snowy land! I love snow, too. I do hope you will have more snow and enjoy the atmosphere of snow as well....

Wishing you a Happy New Year! ;)

It is sad to see how the climate change has affected everything, even the rain itself has changed, rains in times when it should not rain, everything is out of control. But we have to move on and get over it. Greetings.

I agree. Let's hope humanity will start showing some more responsibility!

The difference between the first and second photos is impressive, as with the passage of time the amount of snow has decreased. According to the predictions of scientists, in the coming years the consequences of the environmental disaster will be more accentuated, because we are at the point of no return. Thanks for sharing this, it is good that people realize that what we are seeing right now is only the introduction of what is coming in the near future.

Agreed! It's quite frightning to see what we are doing to the planet and so sad to see how little we do to reduce the damage we're doing to the only home we have.

I love snow clad pictures of the countryside.Thanks for sharing with us

With respect to the climate worldwide there are many changes, and it can be noticed in everything, including the rains which are appearing out of season and are lasting up to 4 months more than normal, do not worry that it is not you alone the one you notice these changes.

Thank you @ssempai. We'll notice these changes more and more, but the sad thing is that we still refuse to take these things seriously.

Hola, me encantan tus fotos se ven espectaculares. Yo nunca he visto la nieve pero debe ser genial. Saludos!!!