Ill swap your Tron to Steem - 10:1

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Hello all.

Just a friendly reminder, we can swap the TRX (Tron) sitting in your wallet, for STEEM at a rate of 10 Tron = 1 Steem.

This rate is obviously higher then exchanging on your own, however some people prefer not having to deal with exchanges etc.

Send tron to TUep3qrvP4QwqHtoXJjdQ6Q7JRQdyuaJQH and make sure you put your steem username in the memo field.

If you have any questions please feel free to visit the discord link in my bio as trying to have technical chats through comments is very stressful =).


In order to be able to access your funds, you will need to have the private keys to your tron account, which should have been downloaded to your computer if the wallet was made by steemit.

If you dont remember, search your computer for a a file called "tron account for @YourUserNameHere" it should be a PDF

Desktop Screenshot 2021.08.27 -

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10: 1 is very expensive where the price is around 6-7. wow wow wow

hello, yes it is expensive, however the money goes to powering up steemegg which is the most profitable vote bot on steemit. Again yes I know it's expensive I even mentioned it in the post, however some people might not want to signup on an exchange with their social security number or whatever the case may be. If they are sitting on the tron not doing anything, but can take that steem from the exchange and use it to upvote posts they will be making more money right away compared to saving some money but never actually using it and letting it sit in their wallet.

compared to powering up, and getting that extra boost on everything they do.

im not doing it as a way to like trick people out of their money, just offering it to anyone who might be interested / dont mind the fee in exchange for the simplicity of turning the idle tron into steem / steempower.

Your wallet have No Steem.
Are you able Swap?

@quarantine Yes, this isnt the primary function of this account, just a little side project. We keep everything powered up as soon as we get it but, for swapping I will move the steem in as needed.

ah , thanks.
I am checking my Tron.
I think it is close to 1000 in another wallet.

yes let me know if you decide on sending it over, and I will move some steem in. If you have trouble trusting me i understand 100% Feel free to break the transactions into smaller ammounts if you wish... aka you send 100 i send 10 , you send 100 i send 10 or you send 500 i send 50 you send 500 i send 50 whatever works for you friend.

@quarantine Just a heads up I loaded up 100 steem to my main account @joshh71390 incase you want it ill keep it there for few days.