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A very big atheist is hiding in a hole for fear of Corona
Fearing death, he secretly pretended to be a great believer.
For so many days, those who have cracked their throats and made talk shows are heavy
Find them now, see their pictures?
How many poets have written thousands of poems about them.
They are the head of the society, how many are well-mannered!
Now they are fleeing, is it tolerated?
It won't happen, it won't happen, everything has been hampered
I see in bad times, they were the big ass of the society.
How wrong it is to lie to the crowd,
Nast has poisoned the society.
All over the body, wearing white clothes, there is no end to hypocrisy,
Maybe they just burst their throats and burst into tears.
Inshallah one day Corona will be defeated
Come and see that day, what is the fear of corona!
Because we were. You have won corona.

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