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The hummingbird that left its silence away,
to caress the most beautiful flowers in the pure purple paradise.
What a shock when he noticed
the beautiful flower calyx is empty.

At the edge of the clearing, half in the shadow,
sees his heart that is unsteady,
a small, blooming meadow herb,
that looks dancing out of the grass.

Longing bears the wings.
and as he hovers in front of the blossom.
Meet him like honey-air,
an honest, pure fragrance of life.
The nectar that is given to him,
a seldom-sweet elixir.

The hummingbird is surprised
how good it is to nibble from flowers
and the heart is more refreshed
as it sees the little flower's soul.

Did you hear the silence sing
as rushing as a distant sea?
Wherever the song goes
you loved it or hated it very much.

Silence is enchantingly silent.
Detached from space and time
this silence is loneliness.

© by Rob de Roy


Ave Atque Vale!

사랑은 나에게 신성한

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Excellent writing about this bird's poetry

Beautiful poem and descriptions :)