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The rule of lies

I am not inclined to the dark
i see it, i feel it ...
It makes itself felt in every niche.
It conquers the entire world.

Is it normal for so many people
deny their own mind?
For me, that's the biggest question these days.
Our time swallows so much unreason
our lifetime, all of our existence.
Where is the energy of healing, where is it?
Where has the freedom gone?
Was there ever freedom?
I see so much misery.
And the politicians are talking about it
stand up for people?
Maybe the ones we think of are
they would be people, not really people ...
That would explain quite a bit.
I see so much wickedness
so much destructive energy
so much unspeakable hatred.

Do we live in the end times?
It almost looks like it.
Every single person is able to change himself.
If many change, the world will change too.

The next important question is:
Do people want to change at all
or are they too lazy and ignorant
against all the injustice
the misery and the fact that few
own everything and many have nothing at all.
Is it fair when strangers rule over our lives?
Strangers present themselves as human friends
and determine what we should think, feel, believe.
Most of the influential philanthropists
are so unspeakably rich.
I mean, would it really be human friends
then why don't they use their wealth to
to improve people's lives?

There is no other way to interpret it.
Every aspect of life is pervaded by lies.
Everyone just needs to start asking questions.
However, there are many things that must not be questioned.
Here we get an important note,
that something must not come out of the truth.

The darkness is so all-encompassing.
The smallest spark, however, brings light into the darkness.
Be a spark!

© by Rob de Roy


Ave Atque Vale!

사랑은 나에게 신성한

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This is deep somehow I believe that this wich I am going to say is accually coming from me. The influence of the company we keep is so strong some of us have accepted this as most of us can't be choosers.

You can only hear lies once you ask questions you can only be what you are what you learn, fight for and achieve.
Sometimes we live just to learn that these lies that some may have spoken may actually be a set up for a greater purpose for you.

I know there was a moment you felt hesitant to write this article as this is a very touchy subject, you really needed to get this out so you must have been disappointed recently.

I wouldn't want to be the one to remind you of this. Good article you can tell it comes from true emotion.

I followed you

almost all of us use wealth to improve lives, your poetry was very meaningful. I liked it :)

I followed you


solo hay que responder honorificamente "Obra de arte" impactado.... felicidades te ganaste un seguidor mi amor :*