Embraer presented a group of hybrid, electric and hydrogen aircrafts

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Brazilian company Embraer has unveiled the concept of the Energia family of four hybrid, electric and hydrogen regional jets.

It will include a hybrid-electric nine-seat E9-HE, an electric nine-seat E9-FE, a hydrogen nineteen-seat E19-H2FC and a hydrogen E50-H2GT, designed for 30-35 passengers.

It is believed that hybrid, electric and hydrogen aircraft will reduce the environmental damage caused by aviation.

Today, a number of companies are involved in their creation, from large holdings like Rolls-Royce to startups like ZeroAvia.

Embraer also has hybrid and electric aircraft projects. The company is developing the EMB-203 Ipanema electric aircraft and the STOUT short-takeoff hybrid transport aircraft.

Embraer unveiled the concept of the Energia family of four hybrid, electric and hydrogen aircraft at the beginning of this month.

First of all, the Brazilian company plans to develop a nine-seat hybrid-electric E9-HE, that should be ready by 2030.

The E9-HE will receive two electric motors and will use them for takeoff and landing in addition to the conventional piston engine. The aircraft's range will be about 926 kilometers.

Development of the next two aircraft - the electric nine-seat E9-FE and the hydrogen nineteen-seat E19-H2FC - will be completed by 2035.

The E9-FE will be an electric copy of the hybrid E9-HE, but will only be able to fly about 370 kilometers.

In addition, it will feature an elongated wing and a single propeller located in the center of the T-shaped tail.

The E19-H2FC is set to be Embraer's first hydrogen passenger aircraft.

It will receive two electric motors, which will be located in the tail section. Its range will be about 370 kilometers, like the previous aircraft.

The last member of the Energia family will be the E50-H2GT hydrogen aircraft, designed for 30-35 passengers. The Brazilian company plans to launch it by 2040.

It will receive a gas turbine engine and two power plants running on hydrogen or jet fuel.

The plane will be able to fly approximately 648 kilometers on hydrogen and 926 kilometers on conventional fuel.


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