Travel India with me: Solo Travel Problems

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I have been travelling around my state for a while now and it is good, glamorous, and fashionable to tell everyone that you are on a solo trip.


People will love you and praise you and tell you how brave you are to attempt this but there are issues and problems that you face when traveling alone.

I must confess that I have only started this in the month of October and I have no previous experience in going all alone.

  1. The biggest problem is you lose motivation. This happened to me yesterday. I got a bit lazy from all the walking, trekking and climbing stairs. I told to myself that since I am the one calling all the shots and deciding on destinations.

It is easy to say I will rest today and go tomorrow and who knows if the tomorrow ever comes.

  1. Deciding destinations and making lists. I am bad at this. I am good at collecting information online and I know everything is just a Google search away from me but the Internet does not have all the information.

Some of the information is just too old or sometimes just made up. One blogger writes something amd others pick it up and there is no one to cross check or fact check all the information.

I am a victim of this misinformation by travel websites. All the websites say that there are sightseeing buses available every morning but what they do not say is that they have stopped these many of these sightseeing during COVID lockdown and they were never restarted because there was hardly any demand for them.

  1. If you are in a city where they do not have shared taxies then you are the only one paying for the taxi 😅. Whereas if you were with a group then the fare would be shared by others.

I am still exploring and experimenting. I will keep going on solo trips and keep you guys updated.

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