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“Optimizing is not self-improvement. Doing our best only up to a point is not the same as striving for perfection”.

If you are asking yourself where is the good life, we think it might be close at hand.

We believe in the pursuit of excellence and feel that all opportunities should be available to everyone and at all stages because such opportunities bring about growth and help develop and sharpen one's capabilities. Optimizing for a goal isn't self-improvement if you stop short of your best efforts or potential. Doing your best until you reach your limit; even if it's just once over many years; is also advancing to some extent, because it means something was done with mindfulness and we don't want to miss what might have been uncovered had an effort been made.

Mastering the skill in an increasingly more difficult range of situations; is also advancing to some extent because we have advanced to the limit of our current skills and are consistently making progress towards finer resolution. Having a lasting attitude or mindset that advances towards what is true or genuine; even if efforts aren't made in any particular direction.


Maybe I'm too used to seeing those commercials and TV shows about the perfect family, where happiness is the Pesto sauce that flavors the whole meal. Where maybe they don't always listen to each other but they know how to magically find a resolution. But it looks really exhausting when you can only be your best if you're striving for perfection all the time; in your relationships, at work, and in your hobbies.

You can get a lot without giving up everything. And learn that being good enough is actually awesome.

On one end of the scale, you have people who are falsely confident and start a side hustle not knowing what failure is or what it costs them. On the other end, you have people with crippling self-doubt that just focuses on work endlessly while forgetting their desire for success and fulfillment. The key is to be balanced. Here are six ways to create balance in your work life. Know the difference between the two different kinds of satisfaction.

There are two types of satisfaction that you should be aware of in your career:

  • Satisfaction with action

  • Displeasure with inaction

Making money doesn’t have to be just working 29 hours a week.

Social entrepreneurs are proof that we can indeed make a living doing what we love by basing our business on the needs of society. Roadie is an example of this social entrepreneurship, which works with various companies that need to organize events outdoors and bring in hammers and nails, painters, stagehands, and catering staff on short notice.

Investments opportunities have also opened up as well with promising side hustles including crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter to sites where advertisers put purchases on consignment. But the one challenge for consumer goods entrepreneurs is how to access small quantities of inventory at once if there's no retailer large enough or near enough for us to use as our supplier; meaning innovators must reinvest their profits into moving closer to their customers. So we're looking at how to move into the mass market. Monetizing our customer data is one way of doing this, but also by using our own manufacturing and distribution networks, we'll be able to leverage those assets in ways that will be more sustainable and profitable over the long term.

In addition to a steady income, more and more people want to have some kind of side hustle job while they do the work they like. Unfortunately, the life that we live doesn't allow many chances for changes. Even if we earn good wages and are better off than others, it is still hard to just make a change from what we know. However, many resources seem available but if we lack direction or capability then there can be a lack of control in action or even trust in taking on a new opportunity.

Side-hustle as an earning opportunity seems desirable yet potential opportunities are constrained by uncertainty or discomfort with unfamiliarity which leaves one feeling dismayed at inaction because only through an investment of time and money may return be realized.

My journey to the world of crypto.

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