Crypto Market Crash: Who Has The Reset Button?

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With Bitcoin losing over $4000 in a day during a bear market, and subsequently dragging most altcoins along, there exists two scenarios for two groups of people.

The first group are people who are already vested in the cryptospace who can either see the crash as an opportunity to acquire more coins at discount cheaper rate or see it as the beginning of the end of cryptocurrencies.

The second group are people who have heard about cryptocurrencies when the market was bullish and wished they can be part of it then and will see the crash as either a good opportunity to buy some coins at cheaper rate or laugh at persons that told them about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin 7days outlook on Coingecko

Based on the two scenarios above, which of them do you think you fall into? There's other possible scenarios that was not mentioned but you're free to use them.

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