The 100 best songs of success of electronic music

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They have not told us that we had to be locked up at home, and the truth is that a long time ago. Also, this seems to last a little longer than expected ... In what other way we would have to resort to music to stifle our desire to go out and release adrenaline. Remember, as the saying goes, "music tames the beast". That's why, we recommend you, the beast, you take a look at these 100 hottest electronic music songs to enjoy at home or at your preferred schedule, if you read it later.

You probably already know many of them, but this is your chance to discover unique music that never came to your ears. Do not waste it.


You must know that the famous British Electronic Group and Breakbeat Hardcore were created in the 90s. If we choose this song, besides the success it had at the time, it is because we believe that its title perfectly illustrates what we have to do now, breathe. You have to calm down and enjoy this party to the fullest.

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