Songs that I have danced in summer (Dr. Alban - It's My Life)

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"It's My Life" is a song by the Nigerian-Swedish recording artist Dr. Alban. It was released in Europe in February 1992 and in the United States in April 1992 as the lead single from their second studio album One Love. Produced by Denniz PoP, the song was a hit in most European countries where it was released, reaching number one in Sweden, Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium, and number two in the UK.

In France, the song was marketed twice: first in 1992, then in 1993, as the song was used in a TV commercial for Tampax tampons (as in 1992 in the UK and other European countries), the second time is a single run. According to the Infodisc website, the single sold approximately 91,000 copies in France. The song received enough airplay on UC Radio to reach Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks in 1992.

Dr. Orban said that the song took five hours to record. In '90s Dance Pop Stars: 29 Hitmakers Discuss Their James Arena Careers, published in 2017, he explains the new sound of the song "It's My Life" and an alternative to the second album "Sing Hallelujah!" A success, a totally different sound. [Compared to his 1990 debut single "Hello Afrika"], which was what he wanted to explore at the time. I left the sound of "Hello Afrika" and did "It's My Life", which has a more pop and catchy style. Staying cool comes very naturally to us.

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