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Our observations and comments

Connected motor vehicles carry the same amount of security risks as your computers or perhaps even more. This is the trade off that you need to make for the extra functionality and convenience that comes with it. 

Whilst the shared article discusses various scenarios during which the motor vehicle can potentially be hacked, it misses out on one important area.

That is, repairs and servicing of your motor vehicles. During repairs and servicing, the vehicles are left in the custody of third parties for hours, days or sometimes even for an extended period of weeks. During this time, the third party could easily embed malicious software in your cars systems. Hence it becomes important for you to ensure that these functions are carried out by trusted third parties only at all times. 

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Additionally, currently no insurance coverage is available for losses occurring from motor vehicle hackings. Hackers could hack to cause an accident, theft of the vehicle or steal your personal data and use it to withdraw money from your bank and so forth. These losses are not covered by your vehicle insurance policies.

The insurance industry is unlikely to cover them in the near future either until sufficient spread and data on losses is obtained. Once it becomes available, it would be of great help to vehicle owners. 

The referenced article discusses cybersecurity issues relating to connected vehicles. 

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