A Notorious Hacker Gang Claims to Be Selling Data on 70 Million AT&T Subscribers

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Our synopsis: 

This may appear to be a bad news to many. 

But is it really so? Do you think the business community would spend sufficient amount of money on data security to ensure that our data is secure if not for these cybercriminals? 

Of course, they would spend some money but it would be a token amount to just show that they have done something for data security to satisfy their shareholders and customers. They would not go for the best in security systems and would not care for regular upgrades. In the absence of the cybercriminals regularly knocking at their doors, security systems would be deemed low priority item for many, especially those that are mid-level, businesses. 

Customers trust businesses and entrust their data with them. This trust requires that business do their utmost to protect these data. Instead, if businesses pay scant attention to data security for the sake of profit maximization, then probably cybercriminals are a necessary evil that could put things right.  

In fact, every time there is a data breach at a big tech corporation, the business community is being reminded that they need to relook at their cyber security more seriously. 

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