Crypto Is Set To Dominate Australian Financial Industry In Less Than 10 Years

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Our observations: 

The stage is set for the biggest financial disruption in history. 

The attraction of cryptocurrencies among the youth is so huge that its march towards its financial dominance is now unstoppable. 

Lack of education and the ease of use have been the stumbling blocks to its growth in the last decade. These impediments are being addressed by the crypto industry and much progress has been attained in the last few years. Another factor has been the ill-informed opinions of financial experts published as newsworthy articles continually by the mass media. 

Fortunately, their predictions about and criticisms of cryptocurrencies are being debunked one after another as cryptocurrencies continue to march despite such predictions and criticisms, much to the chagrin of the followers of these financial experts, who had the most to lose by acting on the experts' ill-informed advice.  

The learning curve of the crypto space is quite steep. It gets worse with new innovations still taking place on a regular basis. Anyone wishing to learn the technicalities of crypto will do well to get started early to learn the ropes faster. 

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Meanwhile with new user-friendly dapps being introduced by the crypto industry on a continual basis, it will become easier and easier for its use in consumer transactions, without having to learn much of the technicalities involved. 

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