Salt Lake Tribune Building

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I used to read the local paper daily. I often read it cover to cover paying particular attention on world and local news. This was back when papers were thick information rich publications.

I lost interest in the paper as the content to opinion ratio diminished.

A decade ago I canceled my subscription to the Tribune. I occasionally glance at the headlines in the store. The has diminished to the point that it is little more than a pamphlet with a few regurgitated headlines from the AP and opinion pieces masquerading ad news.

The picture shows "One Gateway Office." This is part of the mixed-use complex on Salt Lake's West side. The architects did a good job making the building look like a venerable newspaper building of old.

It is easy to find national and international news online. Although finding quality local news is challenging.

I admit that walking past this branded shell, I sometimes feel nostalgia for the days when I saw the local paper as a venerable brand.

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