Saturday Sweets | Raspberry Dragon Fruit Sorbet

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Hola my foodie friends!

Since the first of the year I’ve been working on my mileage! (On foot, not by car!) I’ve always been a runner but my body has indicated this isn’t the best exercise for me. Soooooo this year I began walking! I truly enjoy it. With the chilly weather behind us I’m ready for something refreshing after my workout.

Sorbet is one of my favorites! Made with fresh fruit, it doesn’t get any better. So refreshing after a hot workout! With fresh Dragon Fruit and Raspberries ripe and ready to eat, Mr. Bird was chirping a happy tune!

Pink and Yellow…

Dragon Fruit. Also known as the Strawberry fruit or Pitahaya this fruit is packed full of Vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber. Did you know each serving contains 3 grams of protein? It’s a perfect fruit!
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They pair beautifully with Dragon fruit! Also known for its anti-oxidant benefits, raspberries are low in sugar but full of flavor. I find Dragon fruit have a very mild flavor; I wanted something with a bit more zing!
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Sorbet is so simple…

to make. Using just about any of your favorite fruits you can make amazingly refreshing desserts! When I think about all of the ice cream we’ve eaten over the years, it’s crazy! Most ice cream contains so much sugar, preservatives and unhealthy additives; not to mention the expense. Just blend the fruits, cover and freeze for a couple of hours.
DSC_0080 2.jpg

Saturday sweets, Bird style! Kick back and enjoy!

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Love, love, love this sweet treat! I think you will too. Need a quick dessert for guests? Sorbet is light, refreshing and healthy! After a tough week around the Steem world this fruity dessert will certainly help chill frazzled nerves! I would love to hear your favorite sorbet fruits! Thanks for stopping by!

And as always, blessings to you all!




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That looks so good i have to try something like this sometime

Thank you @tattoodjay :) I'm sure your grandkids would love this when the hot weather arrives! Now you'll have more time to make treats for their visits, lol Have a great weekend!

Ohhyes I am sure they would Love it


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This looks like a lovely treat especially in this heat we're having! I have yet to try Dragon fruit, have seen it in the green grocer section, am keen to try it after seeing your post.

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This looks so good and refreshing :)

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