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Hello dear steemians. Week 2 of our steemit Engagement Challenge. I am thankful for the contest topic given by @colombiaoriginal. Please find my entry below.



A Starry Night Of Tragedy

The night was cold and quiet by the seashore. Bright stars illuminated against a dark blue sky shone down in all their glory. Their reflections like ethereal beings reflected from the cold still water. The night was quiet and the only sound that could be heard for miles was the tethered boat rocking on the gentle waves by the dock.

Suddenly, the silence was broken by a thunderous growl, “Get them”. Guards in their royal blue coats and white trousers rushed behind the fleeing couple with their swords in hand, in a bid to capture them.

Edward urged Penelope to run as fast as her feet could carry her. It was not the easiest task and she had to remove her shoes in order to run down the jagged hill on the East side of the castle.

The seven layer baby blue Victorian style dress she had was weighing her down terribly. In order to ease their escape, she tore off two of the layers from her dreary albeit expensive dress.

They had a pretty good headstart and knew the route by heart. They had planned the escape for days so it was to be expected. At the bottom of the hill, there was a hidden cave that could not be seen unless you knew of it.

They ran in there and hid to wait out all the guards. Luckily, the ground was hard so there were no trailing footprints.

“Where did they go?”, a guard asked as they approached the cave. Penny's breath hitched in fear at the sound.

“Did you hear that?” One of the guards asked as the started to search for the source of the sound. Penny covered her mouth with her hand in fear as she looked to Edward for guidance.

Edward held her hand and gestured for her to calm down. Soon, the guards rushed past the cave and she could breathe more easily. They now grabbed the boat tethered by the dock and paddled towards the seaside town a few miles down.

But when they finally got to the town, they were immediately surrounded by the guards. Penelope grabbed unto Edward in fear.

“Penelope Madrigal, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of King Edmund. Prince Edward please step aside”, the head guard read.

“Wait what?” exclaimed Edward as his face carved in confusion. He then turned to Penelope and asked her “Penny, what's going on? What is he talking about?”

“Edward I can explain. I swear I can explain please...”. Her pleas were cut of by the guards who handcuffed her and dragged her back to the palace.

Edward looked to the head guard for an explanation, but he was told he will know everything from his mother.

He quickly went to the palace along with the other guards. When he saw Queen Elizabeth, he ran to her and asked what was going on. His mother just looked at him and said “Penelope tried to poison your father. A maid saw her giving him the teacup that contained the poison.”

Edward, in shock, tried to remember what he knew. His father disaproved of Penelope because her father had committed treason. And because of that he banned the two from getting married or having any relations. Since he was the second son and had no claim to the throne, they decided to elope. And today, they were about to elope before they were caught.

He then remembered how she came to him frazzled before the time of the rendezvous claiming that they had to leave immediately. He thought their plan had been figured out so went along with her.

Edward couldn't bear it anymore. He needed answers so he went to the dungeon to meet her. “Why did you do it Penny?” she looked at him with the expression he dreaded the most; remorse.

His heart shattered into two as he saw the truth in her eyes and her stance. Heartbroken, he took a step back.

“I had to”, she said. He took another step back.

“It was either him or me” she pleaded. He staggered back again.

“I’m sorry. I love you Edward. It has nothing to do with this. When my father died, all my mother wanted was to get revenge on the king. I swear I had no choice Edward please....”

Edward looked up at her with the coldest expression and said “So it was your mother's plan? My father had been right to distrust your family?” Her face confirmed it.

“You deserve whatever punishment you'll get”. Then he turned away and slammed the door behind him. He went to his father's chambers to check on him. The healers said they got to him in time so he was saved.

Edward sat beside his father as one tear flowed after the other. Doubts filled his head. Did Penelope even love him? Was it all just a lie? Was he simply another pawn? Somehow, these thoughts hurt him more than finding out she tried to poison his father.

“At least, you are okay”, Edward whispered in the dark as his heart and trust fully broke, never to be whole again.


So that is the end of my story. I hope you enjoyed it. I am inviting @benjamin09, @chiabertrand, @wase1234 and @ebuahsang1 to take part in this contest.

Thanks for reading.
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Please tell me you are reading Litearure In the university. Because I could never write as beautiful as you did. It is indeed a very sweet and sad.

At least, you are okay”, Edward whispered in the dark as his heart and trust fully broke, never to be whole again.

This is a dillema we find ourselves in everyday. Do we trust after alot of broken heart, hurtful moments from the ones we love or do we give up. Tank you for this peace..

But I will choose to keep trusting everyday..I can't love not trust and I dont want to live without loving.

I don't want to disappoint you but I am studying Mathematics😂.

As someone with a lot of trust issues, it is not a nice life to live as you are always expecting disappointment from everyone and don't trust anybody 100%.

So please continue to love awnd trust with all your heart.

You lost calling. Go n do you that literature ehh.

Yeah. Thank you for the advice ehj

Nope. I'm right where I'm meant to be🙃🙃.

You're welcome.

Nice and creative content between Penelope and Edward you did from the chosen image for the contest. It's a pity to be a witness of a tragedy but that's the most interesting part of suspense in any story. Like in dramatic novels😆😁 Regards

I am a huge fan of suspense so I just couldn't help myself 😅. I'm glad you enjoyed my story.

Thank you for reading.

I will be suspending you henceforth: watch!!!

No naw🙏🙏🙏😂

You wrote it like it's straight from a novel
Such a good story
While reading it I was like why are they escaping?
What did Penelope do????
I like happy endings ehhh but this one ended in tragedy 😭😭😭

Why naaaa

God story though
Very constructive and suspense filled.

I'm more versed with novel writing that's why😅😅.

I wanted my story to start smack down in the middle of it😂😂. Sorry not sorry for the suspense.

Thank you for reading my story.

You are welcome 🤗

You are definitely a good writer

Thank you🙈

Oooh noo the beautiful story ended in a very sad way. It was really indeed a strategy and I feel so sorry for Edward as his girlfriend Penelope Madrigal whom he loved and trusted with all his heart had to betray him for the sake of her mother's revenge.

“Penelope Madrigal, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of King Edmund. Prince Edward please step aside”, the head guard read.

I my self was in confusion and was like, can this be true?? But nevertheless, we don't always know people's actions unless they are exposed and proven because the hearts of men does not reflect their faces to show who they are unless caught in the act

If we truly honor God then we got to know that vengeance belongs to him alone. Avenging on something in the wrong way is totally unacceptable by God and even by man. So I believe this story should save as a warning to us so that we shouldn't fall victim of such

Thanks for the great strategic story my dear

If we truly honor God then we got to know that vengeance belongs to him alone. Avenging on something in the wrong way is totally unacceptable by God and even by man

You are totally right. What many people don’t realize is that when you embark on the part of revenge, you end up losing sight of reality and by the time you realise yourself, you've truly lost everything and everyone .

Thank you for going through my post.

Ohoh, what a story, it indeed is a tragedy, but still can't believe you composed it, you are really talented, thanks for sharing

Have you supported steemit on sourceforge? If you haven't, please do so 🥰

Thank you so much. I still have so much to learn when it comes to writing though.

I haven't done so yet. I'll get right to it. Thanks

¡oh my God!, que historia tan fabulosa, parece sacada de un libro, los nombres de los personajes, el desenlace, los diálogos, todo tan bien escrito. me encantó.

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Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed my story.

You no invite me Maths Madam???


I’m very sorry ohhh. Please do participate in the contest. I want to read your story.

Wonderful story indeed. But a tragedy is quite sad and not the best for moods. But all things being equal, this is a real piece of art and can even be a real novel😀

I feel like tragedies are more relatable that is why I'm drawn to them. Who knows? If I can ever concentrate and sit down, it can become a novel 😂.

Thank you for stopping by.

What an interesting story. The language and descriptions were so precise. What a tragedy though.

Thank you for appreciating my story.

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My Goodness! @rosita-nkefor, you just gave us a mind blowing story. I can't seemingly shake off the name Madrigal in the story, i'm quite fond of it.

I have a very vivid imagination, as such this story was a blast!!! I could even see faces while reading👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.
Well done🙌🏻

🙈🙈 I'm glad you enjoyed it. I like the name and it seemed to suit my character as well.

If you could indeed be as present in the story as you said, then I am very happy because it means my writing style was not too bad. So thank you😊

It was more than great miss