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Hi friends and dear steemians,
This post is in response to the contest Steemit Engagement Challenge (week 4): Share your Original Talent / Comparte tu talento Original organized by #Colombia-Original

I am a photographer and graphic designer, I have well skills in photoshop and adobe illustrator, and I have already posted many digital arts on steemit. Here I'm going to show my talent as a graphic designer and I have drawn a landscape drawing illustration with photoshop. Everyone can do this art if you have a computer or laptop installed with any version of photoshop software. Here I'm going to show you how I did this art on my computer.


Open photoshop and open the drawing page with a width of 16" and height of 12" with 300 resolution, using a pen tool draw an outline of a mountain and give it dark green color by going to Menu> leyer>layerstyle>coloroverlay.


Using the pen tool draw an outline of a cypress tree and give it the same green color


Step 3:

Select the tree and make it duplicate by pressing alt+drag and change its size by going to menu> edit>tranforn> and change its size and place it many places on the mountain.

Step 4:

Using a pen tool draw one more mountain outline and give it a lighter green gradient than the previous one


Step 5:

Using a pen tool draw one more mountain outline and give it a lighter green gradient than the previous one and place it at back

Step 6:

Make 4 layers of the mountain and also leave space for a lake

Step 7:

Change the background by going MENU>LAYER>NEW FILL LAYER> GRADIENT and choosing a blue and white gradient


Step 8:

Using the pen tool make more mountain layers and give them different shades of colors.

Step 9:

Using a pen tool draw a deer outline and give it dark green color as the first mountain layer.



Step 10:

Using the pen tool draw some birds and give them a black color.

Step 11:

Insert a circle shape by using the ellipse shape tool from the toolbar and give it white orange and yellow gradient color.

Now the beautiful lake and mountain landscape illustration is ready, everyone can do this drawing with photoshop all you need is just practice. Please follow me to read and learn more tools of photoshop and make many drawings like this


Thank you Colombia-Original to give me the opportunity to make such an article, I would like to invite @janemorane, @jyoti-thelight, @nishadi89, @deepak84, and @arjinarahman to participate in this contest. Thank you.

♣ ♣ All is Well ♣ ♣


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Team #Sevengers

Thank you @cryptogecko for the support and encouragement

wowww...It's amazing.

Thank you, I am happy that you likes it

Really like his talent, you can design and create so many things from his talent and be so happy doing it. Garcias for participating in our contest.

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Thank you for the verification and motivation

Wonderful! I didn't know photoshop is this great

You can learn by practice, just install any version of photoshop in your laptop, thnk yo for the visit and comments

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