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A warmly greetings to all the amazing steemians in the house. I believe be we are all in good shape and we are all enjoying how things are going around us. Its a privilege to participate in a contest organized by this noble community (@colombia-original), and I don't take such opportunities for granted. Before I move on, I do love to appreciate @josevas217 for organizing this amazing contest. I also want to acknowledge the effort of this community for giving us the privilege to share our plans for the future. Follow me below as I share my plans with you.

How I see myself in five (5) years.

They is a popular saying that " a man who fails to plan, have already planned to failed ". That is to say, for anyone to be successful tomorrow, he or she must plan today. Failing to plan today is more like planning to live a life of regret tomorrow. As man who want to have a smiling face in the next five years and beyond, I have my plans already. I have plans both in order aspect of life and in steemit.

Plans for other aspect of life.

First of all, its clear that the hope and dreams of every young graduate is to either secure a well paying job or establish a good business. For now, I'm just a graduate who is still serving the country. And for me to state seeking for government employment, I most first of all conclude my service. Base on my plans, if I finish my service in two months time, before five years, I will establish a good business. The reason I'm more interested in business is, I want to be the boss of myself and I want people to work for me while I pay them. I can't restrict my self to government salary.

Secondly, in the next five years, I will be a family man. I will have a wife and one kid. You know I'm still a bachelor, but in the next five years, I will not be addressed as a bachelor because I must have marry the girl of my dream

Lastly, I will have my own house in the next five years. I'm someone who don't believe in renting an apartment. I believe more in having my own. I don't find comfort paying rent all the time. As such, i so much believe that in the next five years, I will not be paying rent anymore.

my plans for steemit

I joined this platform two months ago, and so far I have come to realize that if only I can consistently continue to make qualitative post, and also continue to relate with other steemians, then I will achieve high. So far, I have plans on what I want to achieve in the next five years. Base on my plans, in the next five years, I will have community of my own. I will establish a community that will add to the progress of this community. Secondly, I will be a 50k steem power holder. I want to build my steem power to nothing less than 50k. With that, I will not longer just be a Steemian but a dolphin. More to that, in the next five year's, I will introduce this platform to at least hundred people. I always have a dream of promoting this platform.

What i am doing now to make my plans a reality

For anyone to achieve his or her dreams, he or she must be doing something towards making the dream a reality. As for me, I'm into doing some activities that will surely make my plans a success. As I said earlier, I want to establish a good business. So far I'm learning how to brand clothes. I'm also learning graphics design, making of mugs, throw pillow, awards, etc. I will be finishing my training by the end of this year. Once I'm done with the training, I will establish my own company. In the next five years, my company will be known by many. As for the marriage, I'm already in relationship, and in the next five years, I'm sure we do be married. As for my house, already I'm making savings towards it. And once I established my business, building a house wont be a big deal.
Concerning steemit, I always try as much a possible to power up my earnings so that my steem power will continue growing. More to that, whenever I'm with my friends, I always try as much as possible to introduce this platform to them. In my two months on this platform, I have already registered three people. In addition, I always try as much as possible to post two articles daily. I believe that if I continue this way, my dreams will surely come to pass.

Thank you for reading. I want to invite @yakspeace, @joymm, and @v-brainer to participate.

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This is very nice, I can see you have make a good plan in starting up a business. It will actually go a long way because business is very good. Thank you for the invite and I wish you all the best.

Hello @ishayachris
Thank you very much for participating in the contest, everyone is always welcome to Colombia-Original.
I see that you have very clear plans of what you want and what you aspire to have in 5 years, congratulations for that.
Not many young people are clear about what they want, and that is a big mistake, so you are doing very well. Good luck and success.

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