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Have you ever had the experience of having so many things you want to tell the people around you and yet you can't.
Most often you feel as though that if you open up to someone, they might think that you are just being overly paranoid or that you are trying to manipulate them into helping you out especially when your problem has to do with your finances. Everyone at a point in his or her life just yearned for someone to talk to without the person giving any kind of response but just listening attentively.


I can certainly say that I have experienced such before. Sometimes I would wish that I had a counsellor. Someone who doesn't know me and just listens to me pour my heart out without having the urge to judge me.
Whenever I tried to open up to someone that I know, I feel as though that I might be seen as a burden. Even if I try to speak less, everything that I have kept in side me just starts gushing out. There has ever been a time when I just hard that urge to just talk to someone but sadly can't find anyone. Because of this reason, I don't think that I have ever hard a best friend before. I guess it is because of my fear of being judged and also because I don't trust people easily.


People that I may have come close to trusting completely, I end up pulling away for the fear of being hurt. I used to get close to people easily but they misinterpreted my enthusiasm towards them as an obsession and that has made me who I am today. I now feel like I have control over my life and that no one can hurt me unless I allow them to. People should understand that when someone comes to you to talk about their feelings, it isn't always that they need your help but they just need to listen to them flush everything they feel inside of them. I am really glad that I was able to share this side of me with you guys. Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Straight from your heart, that's the best part about it. Sometimes people might think of you as an obsessive person, but then, they are not the right people to talk to. Sooner or later, you find someone who really cares, and understands that all you need is someone who would listen to you, and acknowledge you. Hang in there, your right time will eventually arrive 😊

Thank you so much for your wisdom

You are most welcome ☺️

Hi @reada7. I see that this is your first post in this community. Welcome! I hope you keep sharing your content here.

Thank you. I am looking forward to sharing more with you

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