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Insights and information 5th Edition

Hi everyone...
Meet again with the 5th edition of the insights and information contest, I hope you all take part in this contest. hone your skills, improve your understanding and of course have fun with the post ideas you publish. don't let your user account be less active just because of the lack of ideas for creating posts, I'm sure you all have great abilities in writing posts.

This time I want participants to provide the information they know and share that knowledge with me and other users, this will be an interesting thing because the information you provide through your posts will be very valuable to read. What Is The Theme Of The Contest? here we go........


The theme I raised this time is about Burnsteem25, what is it? you know what? how to participate with the hashtag Burnsteem2? interesting is not it, to make it easier for you, here are tips for posting contests that you can describe.

  1. What is Burnsteem25? Explain to our.
  2. does Burnsteem25 harm you? Yes or no? explain why you chose yes, and why not. or there are other reasons you can say.
  3. How do you participate to support Burnsteem25? Explain
Contest Rules
  1. Posts are only made in the Hot News Community.
  2. must contain at least 250 words.
  3. Use your photos or screen captures, do not use others ' or copyrighted ones.
  4. Write the title of your contest post: "Insights and information 5th Edition | Burnsteem25
  5. Use hashtag #whatisburnsteem25, if you share to burnsteem25 add with #burnsteem25
  6. Resteem the posting of this contest, so that later the users are interested and follow a lot of this contest. or you can invite other users to participate.
  7. we prohibit posting plagiarism results, whether from Google or anything like that. (remember the work of others is very valuable).
  8. Put the link of your contest post in the comment field of this post.
  9. 10% gift sharing to the @Hot.News community, is not a necessity but very much appreciated.
Contest Schedule

This contest runs from August 05 to August 10, 2022, at 23: 00 PM Indonesian time

Contest Prizes
  1. The 3 Best posts will get 5 Steem Power and voice support from Booming.
  2. Your post could have a chance of positive support from steemcurator01 or steemcurator02, if your post is interesting. but we don't guarantee it, keep making interesting posts.

The assessors are admin and Mod community Community.


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Kontes menarik! Kita perlu banyak membaca dan berkomunikasi untuk melahirkan banyak ide dan inspirasi sebagai referensi untuk sebuah tulisan.. Semoga kontes hebat akan sukses pak @fantvwiki

Aamiin Pak @ridwant, terima kasih atas komentar yang membangun ini pak.

Sama sama kanda!

Inilah kontes yang menarik saya akan mencoba untuk ini..

Alhamdulillah, di tunggu Postingannya bang afrizalbinalka.

Kontes yang menarik untuk di coba

Terima kasih Bang chopper46, silahkan berpartisipasi bang.

Siap bg, akan di usahakan

Saludos, por aquí mi participación.
Espero haber cubierto las expectativas, recordando que son solo opiniones personales, en el sentido que es lo que se ha entendido al respecto de la estrategia del burnsteem25.


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senang melihat Anda mengambil bagian, terima kasih telah berpartisipasi kak sailawana.

Sama-sama semoga postingan saya tidak salah kaprah ttg pemahaman burnsteem25 nya.

Thank you for your participation.

Thank you for your participation

Thank you very much for your warm and friendly comment.