Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W2|All About My Local Music : Hip-hop and Afrobeat by @benton3

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Another warm greetings to you all my friends. How are we all doing today? Hope fine. I am joining in the rank of steemians who are participating in the steemit engagement contest of this great community.

The topic for this engagement is All About My Local Music.


Music is very generous to the soul. It helps the mind to calm down during distressing situations. To be candid, I personally enjoy and uses it to relax most at times.

Music also helps to identify a particular country or culture. Just as each country's culture is unique, so is the music enjoyed by its citizens. My country Nigeria, is not different. We also have our own type of local music which is enjoyed by all citizens irrespective of the class, tribe, social status, old and young alike.
I will be using the contest tips to tell you more about our local music.

What type of music is a characteristic of your country that is played or listened to a lot? Describe this.

Nigeria as a country is blessed with different talents. Notable amongst them is musical talents. They are very good in music. Our style of music which is played and enjoyed by all are the hip-hop music and afrobeats. We have very talented musicians who play to delight their audiences. Our hip-hop style is very unique and is being enjoyed extensively all over the world. We have artistes like, Davido, Phyno, Olamide, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Simi, Don Jazzy and so many others too numerous to mention.

The particular Hip-hop in vogue in Nigeria is the one sang by Kiss Daniel and Tekno. BUGA

Explain the beauty of this music and the reason why this music can attract visitors to listen to it?

Nigerians love Hip-hop a lot. It is an energetic kind of music. Like I earlier said, the papas, mamas, young ones, little children love dancing to the beatings of the music. Each music released in the market in that category in Nigeria comes with a new dance step, which almost all would learn. Additionally, the lyrics are ok for any category of persons. They also have interesting and colorful videos too which attract so many to them.

I will be dropping the YouTube link for the BUGA dance.


Just take some minutes and watch it, you can then see the beauty of our Hip-hop.

Are there any similarities between your local music and other parts of the world?

Well, I will say a little but not much. Things like the bands, instrumentals being used and some.dancing steps may be similar but not the same.

Take for instance Afrobeat, it has its unique drum playing with several other local musical instrument used while playing it.

Check out AFROJUJU* by Shiba Peter. This song was sang far back as 1980's. After watching you will notice that there may be similarities but never the same.

They are unique in every aspect.


Music is good for the soul. It brings back a lost mind and helps one to concentrate. I like to study with low music on the background. It also helps to mange stress, lowering a person blood pressure in the process.

I invite @madilyn02, @fortwis09 and @benson6 to join in this contest.

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Your country does have an interesting style of hip hop music. Keep upvote and comment on other people's posts so that you look more active on the platform by interacting with other users.

Thanks for your rating.

Nigeria is a multicultural country, which makes it have a wide variety of musical rhythms.

Hip hop and afrobeats are very energetic rhythms that just hearing them makes you want to dance to them.

You have given us very good explanations about these musical rhythms, and it can be seen that you feel pride in the music of your country.

You are very correct my friend. enjoyed the two videos I attached. That is a taste of how good our music is.

Hello brother, you have done great in explaining about Hip-hop and Afrobeat which is popularly known in your Country. Nigeria is one of the countries I love their music so so much. Enfact 70% of my Music album is full of Nigeria music because of my love and admiration for this music.

You have talked of Buga sang by Kiss Daniel who is a very popular artist and I think this Buga is my best song I have ever heard from him because I so much love this track and I play it almost every blessed day. What attracted me mostly about this track is the melody and the dance style.. Till present date I'm still practicing how to dance Buga🤣🤣

Hahahah, you are very right. You know the dance step have many swags, just fine tune it to suit your move.

Thank you for going through my post

Yeah that's true. I love the dance Steps and I hope I can fully learn it to be come pro😊😂

Very unique I never watch this bugga video I've been seeing only the challenge video, every child knows and can even dance bugga this are really popular music. I wish you success

Thank you for going through my post

Indeed you have done so well by analysing the types do music that is played in Nigeria. I am a lover of hip-hop but not this type of circula hip Hop that we have today.

Thank you for showcase some of the music that is love and played by Nigerians. Best of luck to you.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Life is all about choices and what makes us happy really appreciate.

This music🎵 rely Captiva my heart by sang by afrojuju indeed tho music is the best in this contest but I must say that I love nigeria music

Thank you for going through my post. Indeed, Nigerian music is special.

Nigeria is very talented when it comes to music, I also enjoy listening to the afrobeats and the hip hop. Especially the most recent ones including buga. Thank you for your nice presentation, you have done well in giving details of our local music.

Appreciate your going through my post. Indeed our music is unique.

Buen ritmo el de Buga, sonido envolvente, además un bonito video, muy colorido, alegre. Me gustó la música de Buga.

Sure bro, there are many others like that. Great work from great artistes.