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Greetings to all steemains!!!
Hope you all are good and enjoying your lives. This is my first post in #Steem-Travelers. I like traveling so I often read different new posts from users of community and watching world though their eyes.

Here I'm sharing my trip to Dubai. The most exciting thing of this trip was that it was my first independent trip and I enjoyed it. You all read about Dubai many times and know about its famous places. Here I do the same with my experiences.

Let's move to Dubai trip

It was evening of January 12th 2020 when I landed to Sharja Airport. At airport my traveling agent coordinator was waiting for me and he dropped me to my destination ibis hotel at New Dubai. It took around 1.5 hours from Sharja to Dubai.

It was my place where I stayed 8days. It was quiet, neat and clean having good staff. It location was good too. It was near matro station and mall of emirates. Many hotels were there it was in New Dubai so the area was not over crowded. I would recommend you to stay here if you plan to visit Dubai. I had experienced of two times of stay at this hotel.

It's what3words location is given


Now I'm giving you details of different place with their attractions and tickets. In Dubai I visit global vellage festival, Butterfly garden, frame of Dubai, mall of Dubai, mall of emirates, dessert safari, jetski, Dubai gold Market, Deira Dubai, Jumeirah Beach, China Market etc.

First I visited global vellage festival.


It is the most attractive place for visitors to see more than 90 different cultures of world at one place . This festival organized for few months every year. It is the world's largest project for tourism, shopping and entertainment . . Over 5 million visitors visiting global village every year that is huge number. It was overcrowded when I was there and it always like that through out the festival period.

Entry ticket for festival was 15 AED. There were around 90 countries cultural stalls. Global village provides separate place for a registered country to promote their culture. Every country stall has their culture food, products and they were also presenting their cultural music and dance It was great fun to see different culture.

Festival had many fun activities like different games stalls , music stage where talented artists were playing music , adventures ride for entertainment. Many people were taking part in games and won prizes etc.


Due to open air and January it was very cold at night. We enjoyed alot their. It's what3words location is given


Second day visited mall of Dubai and butterfly garden

Mall of Dubai

Mall of Dubai is most luxurious shopping mall. It is the largest shopping mall of world as compared with area. It also has luxury five star hotel with (250-room) , mall comprises of four floors, it has 22 cinema screens at different floors of mall, 120 different restaurants and cafes. The Mall has largest parking area that has over 14,000 car parking slots.


It has become most visited building on planet because over 54 million people visited this place. It has four floors, have many international brands outlet of clothing, performance, watches, shoes, etc.


Burj al Khalifa is beside the mall of Dubai and can be seen from here. Mall of Dubai has a fountain which dance with music. The seen of fountain dancing is amazing. After every 30min the music started and this fountain dance started. At night it looks more beautiful. I visited the mall twice and saw it in day and night too. Here I'm showing some pictures just have a look.



At night Burj Khalifa brightened with different color patterns. It looks fabulous and the high music made the seen more attractive to visitors.


Butterfly garden

Butterfly garden is an attractive place for tourists coming from the world. This garden is termed as "world's largest covered garden". It's very beautiful covered place having more than 20K butterflies of different colors and types . These butterflies were flying here and there,sat on visitors showing some different and amazing experience. It feels very different to visit a covered garden with numerous butterflies.

Entry ticket for butterfly garden was 55 AED. It comprises of three different dome for different butterflies, has an educational area where knowledge of different kids of butterflies and their stages of growth are demonstrated by their real pictures to the visitors.

This garden has a kids cinema. It was very comfortable to sit there. There were very beautiful areas out side covered area. It's really an attractive place for tourists and for photography too. I really enjoyed the time with butterflies and the beauty of garden. I captured some pictures.


Dessert Safari Dubai tour

For dessert safri we booked our trip to safari dessert 12 hours before and the price for tour was 75AED.This trip was included pick and drop from hotel (their driver picked us at 12 noon from hotel and dropped after 9:30pm), Dubai Desert 4x4 Dune Bashing, Self-Ride 30min ATV Quad, Camel Ride,Shows (belly dance and tampora dance) ,BBQ Dinner ·

Almost 8-10hrs spent there. Overall package was good. In dessert camel riding and Quad bike ride gives more excitement. There were good sitting arrangement at floor for visitors. Open air night show was also amazing. . I watched belly dance and tampora dance live first time


It's location is given below


Jet Ski Dubai

If you like adventure and love sea then must go for jetski. The rent for jetski was 200AED/30min. For me, It was the most adventurous part of my trip. It was my dream to ride waterbike that came true in Dubai . As I did know swimming, was slightly frighten (they provided me lifesaving jacket) but when I started water bike it was great fun and took ride for 30 minutes.



It's location is given below


I have more memories of Dubai but I think this is enough for today.
Hope you enjoyed the visit to Dubai.

Special mentions to @papi.mati

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Estoy encantada con su publicación. Me encantó mucho el Jardín de mariposas, es una preciosura. El festival es fabuloso porque conocen otras culturas. Gracias por mostrar ese maravilloso paseo por Dubai.


Gracias querida por tus buenas palabras 💕

Wow from the first picture I was hooked.
Dubai is really beautiful and has really amazing architecture. From the water fall inside the mall to what looking like flowers hanging from the ceiling in the beautiful garden.


Thank you very much for sharing your post in Steem-Travelers. We enjoyed reading it a lot :)

Verified userYES

Thanks for your comment

I remember I read about your Dubai trip before as well. It was amazing. Your post made me want to visit Dubai. Frame of Dubai sounds interesting and Global Village also looks worth visiting. I will refer to this post if I ever make a plan. 😀

I travel a lot and thought many times about sharing my experiences in this community. Your post just motivated to do it. I really hope I find time to do so. 🙊

Thanks for your good words. You will definitely enjoy this trip.

You are a great traveler and you must have many trips to share hare and I love to see your experience 👍

That's amazing trip of you. Personally I read your post and saw amazing pics of your dubai trip and now I want to go dubai for visit because there are many places to visit for enjoy. Your all pictures are clear and showing amazing view. I hope you enjoy a lot there.

Thanks for your precious comment and reviewing my post

My pleasure

Lovely post 😚😚 on jet ski looking adventures ,in butterfly park you also like beautiful butterfly 😍😍

Thanks dear for your good words 💕

Your post is spectacular. 🤩 The photos are beautiful, thank you very much for sharing your trip around Dubai.


Thanks dear for your appreciation and reviewing my post 💕

How amazing story and photos! How marvelous to see you in our community! You made me the biggest gift with your presence here today. You know that I appreciate your writing gift a lot :)

I've never heard about the Global Village Festival but you made me want to visit it someday. I'm curious if they had Polish culture represented somehow. You may not remember all 90 countries though to answer that question. I know I wouldn't - it's plenty to see, hear, taste, and memorize :)

Now, the desert safari and jet ski is something I would give a lot to try :) sounds like the best kind of adventure to me! I understand that for you the jet ski was the most exciting part of your trip as well - was it difficult to navigate it? Did you have any training before?

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks dear for appreciation.

sounds like the best kind of adventure to me! I understand that for you the jet ski was the most exciting part of your trip as well -

Yes it will be great fun for you. And it's easy to navigate just one button and start, it's direction can be controlled by handle and has speed control too.

Global vellage festival is like the world culture in one place.

I don't share about frame of Dubai. A floor is made where you can see old Dubai from one side and new Dubai from other. it's 150meter about the ground and at middle of the floor is made up of glass. When you walk over this glass you can see everything underneath, that was too exciting.

As you are a traveler you will get more fun 👍

Once again thanks for your appreciation it really means a lot

You have a great tour and you have enjoyed all over Dubai these days and all the pictures you have taken are amazing and your writing story is also very well told.

And I was surprised to see that you also enjoyed belly dancing because I also want to be able to watch live belly dance. And the most special thing is that you look very beautiful. You look so cute, especially while shopping at Dubai Mall. May Allah grant you a long and healthy life. Amen.

Thank you for your appreciation and reviewing my post

I have little idea about Dubai. Because my friend used to work in a shopping mall in Abu Dhabi. I heard a lot from him. I really like your travel story. Thank you for sharing a beautiful Dubai travel story with us.

Thanks dear for reviewing my post

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Guaooo @suboohi nos has dado un paseo genial por Dubai. Me encantaron todas las fotografias, se ve que lo disfrutaste al máximo. Esas son experiencias inolvidables que quedan marcadas en nuestros corazones. Soy venezolana y siempre he querido ir a Dubai, como verás esta bastante alejado de mi país jejeje. Aparte de conocer otras culturas y traiciones. Que buen viaje. Saludos y muchas bendiciones para ti desde mi hermoso país Venezuela. #travellers-say

Gracias cariño por tus buenas palabras y por revisar mi publicación.

Dubai will always look beautiful to me. I really love your pictures and details you put into it.i would really like to also global village festival sounds really nice and also like the jet ski too.

Thanks for your appreciation and reviewing my post

What a beautiful place, definitely one of the wonders of the world! Thanks for sharing with the community.

Thanks for reviewing my post

Guao, Dubay es una de las ciudades dónde creo que la mayoría de la gente quisiera ir de visita. Y por las imágenes que veo la ciudad y sus sitios de recreación son extraordinarios. Espero hayas disfrutado mucho el tu viaje y que le hayas sacado el mayor provecho.
Exito y bendiciones.