Steem-Travelers #club5050 || a little story about the journey to climb Mount Peut, sagoe, pidie, aceh.

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Hello friends, good evening, this time I will post my first post here in a very okay community. Ok with the story of climbing Mount Sago in Geumpang, I have actually wanted to post here for a long time, but with my very limited time, I will post it tonight. this


before our trip arrived, we had to gather at the base camp where it was at the magical house in Geumpang. There we took all of our luggage to take us upstairs. After that, after everything was finished, we continued our journey in the morning when we got there.


half of the long journey on the first day we spent the night at camp baneng, the distance from the baneng camp from the Bang Zikri housing, the guide that we brought took approximately 12 hours there We spent the night at the baneng camp after the next day we just continued the journey to deer camp, camps made of a hut of residents looking for deer and spend the night there.




The journey arrived the next day under the peak of Mount Merapi, Sago there We set up a tent and the next day We wanted to plan to climb the top of the volcano, namely the rock peak in Geumpang. This rock peak we can feel the beauty that is up there by looking at the atmosphere of the sun the sunset and also the clouds are so beautiful as you can see in the photo I posted this is really beautiful.



the peak of the volcano in Geumpang is still active because it looks like volcanic dust or a hole that if we get close to it we feel our noses feel a bit clogged, I myself have felt it closer to the edge of the hole but what I like the most is from the peak this volcano is the atmosphere on the top of Mount Batu with the view before our eyes that is very extraordinary that's what makes me want to feel it again.








but the atmosphere started in the afternoon because we could not linger on the top of this rock mountain we immediately descended from the top of the mountain and spent the night under the foot of the mountain for the next day we headed to a river people said this river is an artificial river that is like Ranu Kumbolo is in Java but in Aceh we have a river called Lake to Mikie which is almost very similar to Ranu Kumbolo.




Kemiki Lake is located between the four Peaks of Gunong Peuet Sagoe (Four Sides Mountain). This mountain is located between the districts of Pidie and Pidie Jaya, Aceh.

for the current condition of the lake, no one has dared to swim here because the shape of the lake is very wide and on the edges there are lots of swamps. Maybe for me animals like snakes were almost found there. That's why the climbers didn't dare to swim there, but what I like about this lake is that the water is very clear that we can drink while we are climbing.

Mount Sago expedition revolved around 27 people, we climbed Mount Sago with a variety of areas that are very vulnerable to wild animals and thank God we came home safely and the weather was very satisfying, especially when we climbed the top of the volcano, we got a more beautiful view. that's what i really like about peut sagoe mountain expedition.

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maybe that's enough for my post to peut sagoe mountain with a decent story, Thank you to all of you and don't forget to always share your journey here Thank you for everything Greetings from me @realworld23. #club5050


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thank you for checking my post sis

wow your journal is amazing, I really enjoy your journal review, hopefully the beauty of the mountain can be maintained from the hands of irresponsible people. best regards



hopefully the mountain that has been climbed by climbers, especially in aceh, will be maintained, so that later our children and grandchildren will also feel it, friend, thank you for being here, greetings back from me


Yes, of course.


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Wao, your journey to the mountain is an experience of a lifetime worth sharing, you are welcome.

Yes, friends, don't forget to try climbing the mountain, try occasionally to see the atmosphere from the top of the mountain. Hopefully in your place you have a very beautiful mountain like the one in my place. Thank you to everyone who has visited my post

I am almost speechless by the quality of your post. I definitely cannot express in words the very beautiful photograph taken of the group at the top of the volcano. Simply spectacular. Thanks for sharing.

Wow! This is a beautiful place. Your tris is very good. #travelers-say

Thank you friend


This hill is really awesome. I hope you have enjoyed a lot with your friends. Thanks for sharing.


oh my what beautiful places !!