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I believe that tutorial will be useful for the new users as well as those of you who are on Steemit for a long time. We all know that even the best article without proper hashtags remains invisible or gets very little attention from the most powerful users. While joining Steemit, it's easy to get lost in all those programs, clubs, and curations that are available, so let's try to accumulate all the information in one place.

First of all, you should know how many tags can be used. Theoretically, it's seven, although if you will use one more in the text, it will be automatically added to the list. Only four first tags will be visible in the searcher though - those are the most important. Confusing? Maybe, but once you will memorize it, your work will be much more effective.


Let's summarize:

The first tag - club5050/club75/club100

The first and the most important tag is related to your club status.

For those who do not know what clubs are, short information. We have three kinds of clubs: club5050, club75, and club100. Joining club5050 means that 50% of your income will be powered up and changed into Steem Power (your history of the transactions is checked one month backward), in club75, at least 75% of your income has to be powered up and two months backward are reviewed, while in club100 all your income from at least last three months has to be changed into SP. To join any of those clubs, you need to power up anything, you can't just declare that in the future your income will be changed into SP. That means that you need to be active on the platform for at least one week.

Only participating in any of them allows you to earn the money from the most powerful whales, such as steemcurator01, SC02, and SC03 (three accounts managed by Steemit Inc.), SC04-08 which are in the hands of the community (teams selected monthly in the opened contest) and booming01-04, managed by the community admins. The value of the upvotes can vary - for SC04-08 and booming, it can be up to 6-7 USD (depends on STEEM value) while SC01-03 can reward you even with... over 100 USD with just one click!

While declaring participation in the clubs, select only one hashtag. Being in #club75 does not require adding #club5050 tag and #club100 exclude #club75 and #club5050 tags. If you do not belong to any of the clubs, skip this tag, but consider joining them. It's very difficult to earn good money on the platform just by withdrawing everything that you earn.

To read more about the clubs, check THIS POST

The second tag to bring the SC04-08 attention

In some cases, like participating in selected contests, Necommers Community, or in the Steemit Crypto Academy, the second tag may be dictated in the rules, but in every other situation, we recommend you to select ONE, maximum TWO tags from the list below to increase your chance for the Steemcurator04 - 08 visit:

Suggested hashtagTeam leaderSuggested hashtagTeam leader

Only the posts plagiarism-free and with their own photos (or pictures on creative commons license) can get the upvote from the SC04-08 teams. Steemians who want to be rewarded, cannot use the bid bots, has to be part of any of the mentioned before clubs, the post has to be interesting, long, and not published in any other place before (I'll say about it more while describing the third suggested tag)

The third tag - description

If you want your post to be easily searchable by future readers, use one of the tags that describe the text properly. Try not to use too detailed hashtags or too general ones. If you wrote a post about stevia and health advantages related to using it instead of sugar, you can use the tags #health #diet or even #stevia, but #sweetener will be too detailed, and #text too general. Do not overuse #photography or #photo tags - many people add them just because they attached to the text any picture from the archive (or even from the Internet!). Keep it for the artists-photographers,

The fourth tag - your country of the residence

Writing down the country where you live is very helpful for us (admins, curators), and... it can be profitable for you. We need it to statistics, but you can get an extra upvote from the Country Representatives. Yes, on Steemit we do have country representatives of the biggest national communities, as well as for whole regions. Most of them do tremendous work, some are a bit less effective and focused on their own income, but in general, they are supposed to support you, review your posts sometimes, give you feedback if you are doing something wrong, and upvote your good quality publications. The only way how they can detect the new users from their own region is by the hashtag, so let yourself be discovered and guided/supported :)

The next tags

The ideas for the next tags may be very different. Remember that 5th and every further tag are not searchable, but you can still use it to smuggle important information (like the tag with the name of described city or country in the Steem Travelers community). Some people are also using the #krsuccess tag to earn a few cents from the Korean bot. It's not prohibited, but delegating the SP to Upvu, Tipu, or other accounts which upvote your content for the delegation as well as making the transfers for bots (like coin-doubler) is prohibited.

The most important tag that has to be included here is #steemexclusive

Many users notice that #steemexclusive is present nearly under every post and they copy it without thinking what does it really means. As the name suggests, you mark in that way only those publications that have not been published by you anywhere else - not on Hive, neither on Facebook, personal blog or in a local newspaper. Posts that are not #steemexclusive can still gain money from the users or community accounts, but they won't be rewarded by any of the SC whales and they won't get the booming.


1st tag#club5050 \ #club75 \ #club100 (only one)
2nd tagtag from the SC04-08 list (one, or maximum two)
3rd tagMost important description tag
4th tag#yourcountry
5th-7th tag#steemexclusive & description tags


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I have an idea about your tags after seeing this important post of yours. Although I have never had such a beautiful idea or right idea before. From today I will use tags in my posts according to your writing. Thank you for giving us a beautiful and important post.

Thank you!

Amigo excelente post.

Una pregunta ¿Y las etiquetas de concursos especiales donde irían? Por ejemplo en Cotina todos los concursos y temáticas cuentan con un Tag. En dónde los coloco?

En este situación, por ejemplo puede ser:

1o - las etiquetas de concursos
2o - club
3o - descripción o sc04-08 tag (como quiere, una opción de los dos)
4o - su país
5o - steemexclusive

with interesting information like this, making us beginners in steemit very helpful in terms of how to create hashtags. Thank bro @papi.mati.

Thanks for the information @papi.mati and this is very useful for me personally and for those who read it. a little from me, hashtags are very influential with what we post or share and some people choose tags that do not match what is being discussed on their blog. your post can be information that can be used as a memory for new users in steemit or users who have been in steemit for a long time. thank you for this positive post and hopefully steemit continues to be successful.

That's quite helpful .. Thanks ✨❣️

This is great sir @papi.mati from now on, I'll make sure to use the tags more appropriately. Thanks so much for this sir 🙏

Thanks for the education.

This is very helpful. Thank You very much @papi.mati

this is very good information sir, thank you for all, good luck always sir🙏🏻🙏🏻

This is a great info for us really important information, sometimes good content can be miss out if not used the hashtags properly!

Very interesting to me, Thanks you for information, I hope you're always be healthy, And stay calm brother✌

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Saludos compañero, es interesante la información de cómo suministrar las etiquetas. Siempre he tenido la inquietud de por qué en Steemit se le da tanto valor al tipo de licencia en las imágenes, no soy experta en la materia. Por ser bibliotecaria, de alguna manera citar la procedencia de la imagen es algo natural; así como los contenidos que he investigado para mi blog. Y quiero hacer énfasis que las fuentes de información de donde proviene el contenido, ejemplos como: Los resultados de la Fórmula 1 o escribir sobre biografía de alguien sin las referencias, es una especie de plagio, así no se esté copiando textualmente, porque ni yo estoy viendo la F1 en vivo desde la pista ni estoy entrevistando a ese personaje personalmente para realizar su biografía.
Dejar por fuera las referencias consultadas sobre lo que se investiga para nutrir un blog, a mi parecer: es un cabo suelto en Steemit, pienso que debería tener el mismo valor que se le da a las imágenes.
Claro, esto no es aplicable para los juegos diarios o cuando se trate de composiciones literarias o simplemente artículos de opinión, por la naturaleza de la publicación.
Éxitos en esta gestión como curador y espero que en algún momento esta sugerencia no se convierta en la simple utopía de una bibliotecaria. ¡Bendiciones!
#affable #venezuela

Antes que nada, perdónenme mi español básico, lleno de errores.

Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo. No solo debemos citar las fuentes de las fotos o citas con licencia Creative Commons, sino que también debemos vincular en el metraje todos los sitios web en los que nos inspiramos para escribir algo. Incluso si el texto está reformulado. Ese es el requisito básico para escribir en los periódicos o, por ejemplo, para escribir el trabajo científico sobre la universidad.

Estoy tratando de hacerlo. Desafortunadamente, la mayoría de los steemians no saben ni siquiera los conceptos básicos sobre citar y citar, por lo que es bastante difícil introducir cambios. Sin embargo, creo que se logrará pronto.

Gracias por el feedback. Citar las referencias del contenido no debería tener mayor inconveniente, porque no se trata de usar las normas APA o Vancouver; sino de respaldar el contenido con la fuente original. Puede ser simplemente copiando la Web de referencia. Tu español se lee con mucha fluidez, así que no hay nada que disculpar. Gracias a ti, porque mi inglés es muy básico y si usaba traductor es posible que la idea no se entendiera. ¡Saludos!

Thanks you, it will be very useful for me that I am starting in steemit. Your suggestions are worth gold.