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Hello beautiful people of @Steem-Travelers community. I hope we are all good and we got up good from our beds. Its morning here already. I want to appreciate @hive-111293 for this wonderful contest about Adrenaline. I must day, this is going to be interesting to read through.


My journey from Nigeria to Cameroon wasn't a funny one. I would tag mine Out of fear and Excitement. The excitement of going to another country had already overwhelmed me, but i didn't know that there is a huge difference between swimming in the river, swimming in the pool and sea.
My journey didn't start smoothly, immediately i got to the sea port, the fear that gripped me when i saw the sea was high. I almost gave up on the trip, but thanks to the friend i was with, who helped calmed me down a little bit for the journey ahead.

Screenshot_20220208-051529_Video Player.jpg

When we started the journey, i was seriously scared and thought about all the negativity of this journey but the woman beside me gave me words of encouragement and i could hardly look into the sea.
When we started the journey, i could still see land, until we got to where there was no sight of land.

Screenshot_20220208-051452_Video Player.jpg

Here is a link to my video

I safely got to Cameroon in 2 days since i left Nigeria because of obstacles on the way but i made it, the same fear came on my way back ,and rain was falling. My journey wasn't fun.

I want to invite @bebson6, @vianneyspirit, @godspraise and @chiomzy810 to participate in this contest. Thank you

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Wow, I love traveling on waters too.

This post is so amazing, I wanna make my entry soon.

Ah, i don't like water travelling o. It gets my blood pressure high and that's not good for me.


Thanks for the invite, however water de sweet for cup oooh,haha

Hahahahahahaha, my body hear am o. No more water that is not inside cup o

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the picture in the post seems to be a screenshot from the video doesn't it? can you verify that it is yours and not copyright related?

@ponpase i have added the youtube link on my post, please check it out. The video and picture is mine