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بِسۡمِ اللّٰہِ الرَّحۡمٰنِ الرَّحِیۡمِ
My Dear steemians,
I am @hossain01 from Bangladesh🇧🇩
December 2/12/2021

Come on, you are all well, by the grace of God I am well. I love to travel, so today I am going to travel to eat rice and some photography of rice threshing. I will share with you.

Let's get started....





For threshing our paddy, I did not have three levers, and with the lever I went to eat our paddy. Our paddy field is behind Jugirgofa High School, which you can see. After going to eat the paddy, the paddy was rotated in one place, from that paddy paddy, three levers are taken to the paddy threshing machine little by little, which you can see.




You see, one brother from three levers, the rice threshing machine is starting. After starting, one person is pushing the paddy, and two people are threshing the rice in the machine, which you can see. He is throwing the paddy back and forth, and one brother is chasing the beetles at eight or ten o'clock.




After sifting the rice for a while, I went to fetch some food from the shop, for the levers. At our Jugirgofa High School market, and at the market, from a shop, I went to eat rice with some bread, sandesh, opaka banana. And let me eat it, let them play in three, as you can see. After eating, I brought them water, and after drinking water, they started threshing rice again.



He threshed the paddy, lifted the paddy well, filled it inside the paddy sack, and tied the mouth of the sack tightly with rope so that the mouth of the sack of paddy would not open. When all the sacks were filled, one man lifted the sack of rice on top of the other, and carried the sack on his head, as you can see. And there are vans parked on the road, those vans are being arranged very well, after bringing all the sacks of paddy, this van will be taken home.



After dropping the sacks of paddy in the van and leaving it at home, I went back to eat the paddy. Which you can see. After a day or two, I will bring this Bichuli home in a Mayesh car.

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Thanks for reading this post ...

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I really like your post, nice pictures, and shows how challenging can be the life in the paddy fields. Thank you for sharing with the community!

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thanks for comment. 🌹🌹

Seeing the paddy fields and the threshing of paddy reminds me of the village. In which district do you live? From which district did you present these pictures to us?

District Meherpur Upazila Gangni village Jugirgofa.

thanks for your reply.

Hola @hossain01 nunca había visto trillar el arroz, soy venezolana y aquí también cosechamos el arroz pero con una máquina trilladora nunca he visto que lo hagan manual como ustedes lo como lo hacen. De verdad estoy admirada del trabajo que realizan. Las fotos se ven geniales. Siempre es bueno conocer como hacen unas cosas en tu país para compararlas con otros países. Tu post me encanto. Saludos y bendiciones desde mi bello país Venezuela. #travellers-say