Results of "The best place you have ever visited" + new contest: "What's your favourite way to travel?" (21 STEEM) || Resultados de "El mejor lugar que hayas visitado" + nuevo concurso: "¿Cuál es tu forma favorita de viajar?" (21 STEEM)

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Results of the contest - the best place you have visited

we got 14 great entries to the contest. Unfortunately, we only have five awards at our disposal, so we were forced to select the best authors. We evaluated the length and quality of the text, the artistic value of the photos (we rated the author's photos higher), and the formatting of the text. Here are the winners:

@yusnaidi The top of the mountain 10 STEEM
@masril Best place I have been on holiday 5 STEEM
@jasmadiyunus 0-kilometers at Indonesia 3 STEEM
@farid21 Historic Mahasthangarh 2 STEEM
@fikar22 The best hot springs 1 STEEM

We continue the competition by announcing the second edition and slightly changing the theme. We invite the winners of this edition, as well as new users to participate.

The theme of this week is:

What's your favorite way to travel?

Will it be hiking, cycling, motorcycling, car, plane, or maybe ships? Do you prefer to travel alone or with friends or family? Or maybe you prefer to use the service of travel agencies? Do you like planning trips or you are spontaneous? Describe everything that comes to your mind in the most interesting way.


Rules of the contest:

  1. Minimum 250 words
  2. Submit a post to the Steem-Travelers community and leave a link to your entry in a comment below.
  3. No plagiarism! Photos only yours or on CC license.
  4. One post from one participant for the competition.
  5. Post must be written in English or Spanish
  6. Invite at least two other users to the contest

You don't have to do it, but we would be grateful if you could set 10% of the post reward to @hive-111293

Date from 02/10/2021 to 09/10/2021 12:00 (Argentinian Time)


1st place10 STEEM
2nd place5 STEEM
3rd place3 STEEM
4th place2 STEEM
5th place1 STEEM

Let the best story win!

# Español

El mejor lugar que hayas visitado - resultados

Obtuvimos 14 excelentes entradas para el concurso. Desafortunadamente, solo tenemos cinco premios a nuestra disposición, por lo que nos vimos obligados a seleccionar a los mejores autores. Evaluamos la longitud y la calidad del texto, el valor artístico de las fotos (calificamos mejor las fotos del autor) y el formato del texto. Aquí están los ganadores:

@yusnaidi The top of the mountain 10 STEEM
@masril Best place I have been on holiday 5 STEEM
@jasmadiyunus 0-kilometers at Indonesia 3 STEEM
@farid21 Historic Mahasthangarh 2 STEEM
@fikar22 The best hot springs 1 STEEM

Continuamos la competencia anunciando la segunda edición y cambiando ligeramente el tema. Invitamos a participar a los ganadores de esta edición, así como a los nuevos usuarios.

El tema de esta semana es:

"¿Cuál es tu forma favorita de viajar?"

¿Será senderismo, ciclismo, motociclismo, automóvil, avión o quizás barcos? ¿Prefieres viajar solo o con amigos o familia? ¿O quizás prefieres utilizar el servicio de agencias de viajes? ¿Te gusta planificar viajes o eres espontáneo? Describe todo lo que te viene a la mente de la forma más interesante.


Reglas del concurso:

  1. Mínimo 250 palabras
  2. Haga una publicación en la comunidad Steem-Travelers y comente debajo de esta publicación, el enlace a su participación.
  3. ¡Sin plagio! Fotos solo tuyas o con licencia libre CC.
  4. Una publicación por participante del concurso.
  5. La publicación debe estar escrita en inglés o español.
  6. Invite al menos a otros dos usuarios al concurso.

No tiene que hacerlo, pero le agradeceríamos que pudiera aportar el 10% de la recompensa de su publicación en @ hive-111293

Fechas límites del 02/10/2021 al 09/10/2021 12:00 (hora de Argentina)


1er lugar10 STEEM
2do lugar5 STEEM
3er lugar3 STEEM
4to lugar2 STEEM
5to lugar1 STEEM

¡Que gane la mejor historia!


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Thank you. Approved.

Entry 1


you sent the wrong gift to me. my account name is @fikar22

I will fix it asap, sorry

it's okay @papi.mati

Once again, we are very sorry for the mistake. It has been fixed - STEEM should already be in your wallet.


Thank you for participation! Have a wonderful day!

thank you very much 🙏

congrats to the winners,

Felicitaciones a los Ganadores!

thank you very much sir, I am very happy to be able to win this best contest, I hope that the Steem Travelers community continues to be victorious and always successful.

Thank you very much sir 🙏

Congratulations to all the winners

Thanks, I didn't Believe that my posting could be a third winner in this contest. One more Thanks @hive-111293 #steem-traveller

Congratulations and best wishes to all the winners. Many thanks to the community admins and moderators for publishing the beautiful results.

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

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I didn't expect my traveler to be selected in part number two, thank you for the amazing contest, congratulations, thank you.

congratulations to all winners. Well deserved!!!

Thank you, approved.

Entry 2

Saludos cordiales amigos de @steemtravelers. Mi entrada al concurso:

Gracias qa todos por su atención, bendiciones infinitas

Muchas gracias!

Entrada 3

this is my personal participation in the contest "What is your favorite way to travel?"

Entry approved, thank you very much :)

Entry 4

you're welcome

Entry suspended.
It will be approved after changing the photo for CC version :)

I am working on it today

Entry accepted, thank you!

Entry 6

Thank you

Thank you

Entry approved, thank you very much :)

Entry 5

Muchas gracias!

Entrada 7

Gracias 👏👏👏

Hola amigos, esta es mi participación al concurso: Nuevo concurso: "¿Cuál es tu forma favorita de viajar?" | by @veronik28dic | 10% en recompensas para @hive-111293

Espero les guste mucho!!!

Mi participación. No sé si ya pasó el tiempo, pero por si acaso.