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  • The downvote curation trail in another project of our admin, @papi.mati, has been launched. In this post you will learn how to join it. We recommend ALL THE MEMBERS of Steem-Travelers to join the trail with their downvote mana to fight the abuse on the platform. Joining the trail will not affect your upvote mana, nor will affect your power in any other way - it will be used only for downvoting the abusers, so no upvotes will be made with your regular steem power.
  • The comment contest is back on Steem-Travelers! Write the comments under the posts of other users, adding #travelers-say tag to win the rewards. Don't forget that your comment will participate in the contest only if you upvoted the author of the commented article with 100% VP. Let's all work together to increase our income! Besides that, we have another two active contests: Travel contest with 30 STEEM to win and the newest photo contest, announced yesterday (15 STEEM to win).

  • Please, read THIS POST where we explained what topics can be used in the Steem-Travelers community. Mentioned publication may inspire you to become more active in our group and can help you to increase the chance for booming support. If you are a new user or if you are not sure how to increase the chances for success, check also OUR TUTORIAL


Countries we have visited in the rewarded posts




We would like to welcome the user who have made the verification process on Steem-Travelers in the last 24h - @mki111 We hope you will feel in our community like at home. Comment, read, publish and simply enjoy your stay here :)



Club100 Photo Contest (Favourite Season)

by @malihafarhan
Club75 Danau Laut Tawar In Grand Renggali Hotel - Takengon, Central Aceh

by @asiahaiss
Club75 Mi estación favorita del año: Verano

by @rafaelcmontero
Club5050 Visit Khewra Salt mines & Kallar Kahar Pakistan

by @alirazaop
Club5050 Mi Estación Favorita del Año: Verano

by @gabylazarde
Club5050 Travel to Mustard Field

by @saikat000
Club5050 Visit to a historical 100+ Years old market " Anarkali "

by @shahidchoudary
Club5050 travel teaches a million experiences - Mount Salak, North Aceh.

by @kenalofficial

by @hotspotitaly
NO CLUB The Beauty of Nature, Kotaku Hot Springs, Banda - Aceh

by @izzatulmaula

PS: Remember that mentioning on this list does not guarantee SC votes neither booming support

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Gracias por la mención, ya me uni al trail contra el abuso y el plagio. Admiro el compromiso de @papi.mati con steemit al igual que el compañero @alejos7ven. Cuenten con todo mi apoyo.

Feliz tarde!! Muy agradecida por la mención. 🙏 Muchas gracias!!

Thank You very much for mentioning me 🌼

Thank you very much, for choosing my post.

best regards


Congratulations to the all winner and welcome the new member. #travelers-say