Community news + best publications today 11.01 | Record number of the new posts!

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  • We have a new record in the number of publications shared in the last 24h. You wrote in total 37 posts just in one day! If we would have so many posts from different users each day, our community would have 259 active writers! Let's hope that tendency will remain unchanged for the longer time and the number of active bloggers will be growing constantly.

  • More users means more upvotes to distribute. If you want the curation trail to remain as profitable as until now (or even more), we recommend you to delegate some SP to us, so we can reward you all better. Currently our community has 21 950 SP, which means that in the last 24h we grew up for 900 Steem Power! To delegate, use one of the buttons on the bottom of this website or follow the instruction included in THIS POST

  • After over one month of the break, The comment contest is back on Steem-Travelers! Write the comments under the posts of other users, adding #travelers-say tag to win the rewards. Don't forget that your comment will participate in the contest only if you upvoted the author of the commented article with 100% VP. Let's all work together to increase our income!

  • Besides that, we have another two active contests: Travel contest with 30 STEEM to win and the newest photo contest, announced yesterday (15 STEEM to win).

  • The community to fight with plagiarism and abusers has been launched. Anti-Cheat Cheetah is just starting, but the plans are big. It's already been confirmed that thanks to one of our partners we will be able to make a downvote trail. Besides that, possibly the future will bring automatized plagiarism checking bots on Steemit, so scanning every post won't have to be made manually. Since yesterday one new community declared they will participate in the project, increasing the total number of the groups in partnership with Anti-Cheat Cheetah to seven. You also can help us to make the platform a better place - every time when you will find plagiarism, please tag in the comment @ac-cheetah

  • Please, read THIS POST where we explained what topics can be used in the Steem-Travelers community. Mentioned publication may inspire you to become more active in our group and can help you to increase the chance for booming support. If you are a new user or if you are not sure how to increase the chances for success, check also OUR TUTORIAL


Countries we have visited in the rewarded posts



We would like to welcome the user who have made the verification process on Steem-Travelers in the last 24h - @mundarainy We hope you will feel in our community like at home. Comment, read, publish and simply enjoy your stay here :)



Club100 Paradise in the West End of Indonesia

by @abdrahman08
Club75 Hachinohe City Museum - Learning The History And Lifestyles Of Hachinohe

by @jobreyes24
Club5050 Mursala Island and a very unique waterfall

by @farady08
Club5050 Promote The Samudera Pasai Museum and Monument As Religious Tourism [Aceh, Indonesia]

by @bangmimi

by @udyliciouz
Club5050 Visiting Tourist Places (Weh Ni Kulus)

by @anisilyana09
Club5050 Amaekpu Ohafia, a Village You Should Visit

by @meymeyshops
Club5050 (ESP) expedición de Dinosaurios en el Parque Los Caobos en Caracas

by @maya03
Club5050 My favorite season is to travel in the winter

by @nusratjahan77

by @beautybb
NEW USER The Oasis of Egypt

by @feddysworld

PS: Remember that mentioning on this list does not guarantee SC votes neither booming support

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hello sir!!
I've delegated 100 SP, but it hasn't been labeled yet.
thanks for the help sir.

Thanks, fixed
Sorry for the delay. If in the future you will be changing the delegation, I recommend you to text us on discord. We have the special room to declare the delegations in our community discord, after quick review we are adding the label immediately :)

yes of course, later I will inform you, thank you for the cooperation.

Muchas gracias por la mención amigos, significa mucho

The Steem Travelers community is growing so fast, and the city is seeing its real development. We see more and more active followers and posters submitting their publications every day.

Then the Steem Power of community accounts has also increased significantly, and recently also received praise and role models for other communities. I had read a comment from the Steemit Team in one of the Steem community posts. Regards! #travelers-say

yes, our way of checking the plagiarism and steemexclusivity was recommended as worth introducing in other communities. That makes us very happy to see that our work is appreciated. Hopefully, we will grow big enough to give to all of you hundreds of dollars in the future. Many of you certainly deserve it :)

That's really great, keep on creating new breakthroughs and we should make changes to create a better life in the future. I support and I appreciate your hard work sir.

Thanks so much @steem travelers for selecting my post. I am grateful

Congratulations to the all winner and welcome the new member. #travelers-say