Community news + best publications today 09.01 | The new photo contest + community to fight with abusers

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  • The community to fight with plagiarism and abusers has been launched. Anti-Cheat Cheetah is just starting, but the plans are big and include (thanks to many steemians who cooperate with the community) launching downvote trail to fight all together with the spammers as well as automatizing the process of detecting plagiarism on the platform. Every time when you will find the plagiarism, please tag in the comment @ac-cheetah

  • Winners of the photo contest has been announced. Rewards go to three Steemians: @apnigrich, @mairimesmeralda and @casv - congratulations!

  • Currently we have two active contests: Travel contest with 30 STEEM to win and the newest photo contest, announced today (15 STEEM to win).

  • Please, read THIS POST where we explained what topics can be used in the Steem-Travelers community. Mentioned publication may inspire you to become more active in our group and can help you to increase the chance for booming support. If you are a new user or if you are not sure how to increase the chances for success, check also OUR TUTORIAL


Countries we have visited in the rewarded posts




We would like to welcome the user who have made the verification process on Steem-Travelers in the last 24h - @joseantpp we hope you will feel in our community like at home. Comment, read, publish and simply enjoy your stay here :)



Club75 My favorite moments from a bicycle trip through Argentina - the Mendoza to Villa Gral. Roca

by @papi.mati
Club75 (ESP) Mi visita a la Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina

by @willeusz
Club5050 Visiting the Most Beautiful Island with Friends

by @atta09
Club5050 How Did I Spent New Year's Eve

by @saikat000
Club5050 (ESP) Viajar con niños / Paseo por la Laguna de Mucubají

by @casv

PS: Remember that mentioning on this list does not guarantee SC votes neither booming support

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Excelente iniciativa contra el plagio. Felicito a los ganadores del maravilloso concurso viajando con niños. Bendiciones para todos. 🙏

Very wise, I see how active the posters are in this great community.

I see plant development is so specific in this great community, we support #travelers-say