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Hi friends of steem travelers! How are you all? May you always be healthy and happy so that you can continue to enjoy life and a pleasant journey, amen!

Today I @fwinanda is back here to share my experience on a Sunday tour that I did to Mendale Bay, which is one of the tourist destinations on the outskirts of Lake Laut Tawar, Takengon, Central Aceh.


My colleagues and I traveled from Lhokseumawe to Takengon the day before. And we stayed at one of the homestays. In the morning we set out to explore the freshwater lake. Incidentally during the trip the weather was also not friendly so our trip was a little slower because we had to be extra careful because we were worried that the roads were very slippery so it took approximately 1 hour. After touring through the freshwater lake, we arrived at the place we were headed, namely Mendale Bay.


Mendale Bay is a cafe located right on the lips of Lake Laut Tawar. To get there we have to pass through a descending road that is directly across from a towering cliff. The bright red color of the building is the hallmark of this place so it looks very contemporary.

The position of the cafe overlooking the lake shows a truly beautiful natural atmosphere. The cool air adds to the enjoyment of sipping hot coffee. Some parts of the seating position provided protrude towards the lake. The overcast and drizzling atmosphere adds to the serenity of enjoying the extraordinary beautiful natural panorama on the edge of the lake.


Initially, I sat inside the cafe because it happened to be raining so I had to take shelter so I wouldn't get wet. After enjoying a cup of Takengon's must-have menu, coffee, I tried to go out and capture a photo of myself and some of the beautiful parts of this lovely cafe.


Here I show some pictures of the atmosphere in Mendale Bay that I managed to capture with my cellphone camera:









After 2 hours of sitting and enjoying the beautiful panorama of the lake in this place, we decided to return to the inn because it was getting dark. Today's trip was really very enjoyable. I really feel my mood is back after a week through various busyness and routines.

I highly recommend all of you to take a trip here, especially for all of you connoisseurs of natural beauty with a contemporary atmosphere, this cafe is a good choice.

Thank you to steemians friends who have taken the time to read the posts that I share in this Steem Travelers community. Hopefully my post is useful for all of you. I really hope you like the posts I share. I hope you can accept and provide support and motivation for me to be able to present posts so that in the future it will be better.

Cheers ❤️

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Great post, great review. I'm intrigued and enjoy the review. Complete with original HD level quality photos.


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I am really sorry @ponpase I really didn't know that delegating to justyy was a bid-bot activity. I will not repeat this mistake in the future and I hope @papi.mati will accept my apology and will review my post for support in steem-travelers. thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Hello dear. this will help you Delegations to bots and #club5050

have a nice day!

Hello brotha! Thankyou for your sharring ☺️🙏🏻 I’ll learn it.

Above we can see a hotel. It is not a hotel or a house and it is made of wood. Very nice to see. Nice to hear your travel story.

Thankyou so much for appreciation 🙏🏻☺️

Welcome friends.

Hellow @fwinanda quede enamorada de ese café y de sus paisajes, no solo provoca tomar café sino pasar el día completo. Aparte del color rojo llamativo como dirías contemporáneo, el paisaje natural, el lago, las flores todo una belleza. Gracias por compartirla como opción si algún dia viajo a ese hermosos país. Saludos desde Venezuela. Bendiciones. #travellers-say.

¡Hola, cariño! de nada, me alegro de que mi publicación haya podido atraer su atención. Si visitas mi país te acompañaré a tomar café en este lugar mientras disfrutas del aire fresco junto al lago ☺️

Gracias @fwinanda. Que bello gesto. Me encanta. Saludos y muchas bendiciones.