Traveling to IMO state to attend my cousins wedding by @esthyfashion

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I had an event on Saturday 14 it was a wedding, the first thing I did when I woke up in the morning we conduct our morning worship and I did my morning chores, then ran some errands in the house and later went to the make- up studio to get ready for the wedding, at first when I arrived at the make- up studio,the make-up artist had a client and I thought I was going to be late but luckily for me that was the only client and she was just about to put finishing touch to the client and then when she was done she started my own make-up, it took like forever while sitting down to get the makeover, when she was done I look at my time she use 40mins to get everything together
Screenshot_20211107-203924~2.pngthis is me at the makeup studio

After the make-over I got my hair done, I was about to put on my dress and realized I forget my earrings, I had to take a tricycle to my house and then told the tricycle drive to wait for me, I finish dressing up put on my shoe and ruch out since I was an 1 hour late and then the tricycle drive with direction I gave him he drove down to the hall and thankfully I was able to see the bride and groom process in
FB_IMG_16363131424743881.jpg the bride

FB_IMG_16363131570958517.jpg the bride and groom

Then later, after the wedding was concluded I took some pictures
FB_IMG_16363149028699456.jpgme and my cousin



The bride and groom when back to the hotel room and the change to their reception outfit


I was served rice with chicken and moi mio and I got chilled Coke to step down . the bride and groom dance in
They play a game and later cut the cake .
Finally after everything, look at them at the dance floor displaying some move
It was such a great day, I had fun and I was so happy . I thank God for a successful event and wish them a happy married in their new home, after the occasion we went to our different destination. That is how we spend our weekend

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