Learn with steem ||Step by step on how to design our traditional wear by @esthygashion

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I made this beautiful dress for them 3 month ago and it looks beautiful on them, and they were so excited .

This how I started


That is the front cutting I divide everything by 4 then I took her normal measurement

the back


I divide everything by 4 then add 2 inches for zip allowance then I cut it out

the down part


I folded the material into two then I took her hip point measurement knee length measurement and gown length then I connect it together and cut it out, the next thing is To design the middle of the dress . I buy a plain material to design the dress, first of all I cut the material straight then I use my pin to plat the material one after the other then I iron it to make it firm as you can see in that picture.

The next thing is to join the front I join the side and the middle together then I join the back together then I measured 2 inches for zip allowance, I join the net in the front side

Then I join it with the down part , the next thing is to cut the selves

I folded the material into two then I measured her selves length then measure her round selves then connect it together and cut it out .

The next thing is to cut a flare to design the front of the dress, this is the flare
I use a thick gum to stain the flare then I cut a linning to neatened the edges of the material as you can see in the picture below
Then I design it in the dress to make the dress look more beautiful then I buy a strimming to design the selves .


Is beautiful right !


She rock it to her sister marriage



These are other designs I made for my beautiful clients










Please do well to patronize @esthyfashion we except steem and SBD your satisfaction is our pride

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