How to Write a Good Travel Report? Improving Writing Skills

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I see that some people have nice photographs from their travels but they sometimes don't know what to write about. If you occasionally feel the same, maybe my post will be useful for you.

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The title should be descriptive and appealing at the same time.

Easy to say, harder to do. Especially when your story is about a regular trip without gun shooting, chasing, and severed limbs. 😁

Nevertheless, the title of a travel report is a thing to ponder about.

Consider people you are writing your article for - a target group, moderator, curator. Maybe you can include some ideas/words into the title that will help you to draw their attention or even win their hearts?


Explain why you decided to visit the place. What is this place famous for?

Post a link to Wikipedia or another online encyclopedia for those who want to know more about your travel destination.

Post a map. A map makes a travel report look much prettier. It can be a link to google.maps or a screenshot.

I always wanted to visit Nicetown, Sokovia because this is an ancient city with beautiful old quarters. I saw images of its embankment on Instagram and they were stunning.


People who are reading your story should understand under what circumstances you had the trip. Was it a vacation or a weekend, a business trip or a visit to your aunt? Were you alone or with a friend? Did you travel on a tight budget? Etc.

It was just another regular Saturday but, instead of spending all the time on the Internet, I decided to have a railroad adventure. Without friends this time, only me.


How did you get to the destination - train, bus, motorbike, horseback? How long to go there? How much did you pay for a ticket?

Nicetown is situated in a neighboring province so I needed a 3-hour trip to reach it from Bigburg, my hometown. I bought the cheapest sitting ticket so it cost only 50 Sokovian krones (2.5 US dollars). I took a train at 5:30 in the morning. Quite early. But I had time for a good nap on the train.


Show images of the main attractions and tell the story about them.

Show details by means of images and words. If this is a temple, for example, show close-ups of interesting architectural details, flowers growing in the yard, pets basking in the sun, souvenirs in the shops, street food, etc. Details make your story alive.

Don't post more than 1-2 selfies. Focus on the destination, not on yourself.

Don't post slightly different images of the same object. This is quite common on Steemit but this is sick.

Provide links where needed.

First of all, I went to the main cathedral of Nicetown. I found amazing frescos inside. Did you know they cut off the head of the famous William the Dumb in this cathedral in the 14th century?

I visited a museum of toys but it was not too exciting. Except for the collection of Chucky dolls - I loved them, look at the image!

After the museum, I enjoyed a coffee and views from a rooftop restaurant at Central Shopping Mall. At the square in front of the mall, you can see a 50-meter-tall monument to Wanda Maximoff
My trip ended at the embankment where I was breathing the fresh breeze and having chocolate ice cream. At 10 p.m., I was sitting on the train on my way back home.


What is your conclusion about the place you are writing a post about? Is it worth visiting, is this place overrated or underrated by people's opinion? Maybe you can advise to other travelers on how to make a trip to that destination better?

People don't call Nicetown a nice city for nothing. It is adorable! I will return there in autumn. P.S. Watch out for stray dogs at Bigburg Train Station at night. They are fierce.


There should be details in the story that provoke discussion in the comment section. This is another thing to think about. The plainest way of solving this issue is by placing questions at the end of the post.


I don't mean we must write travel posts according to this or any other recipe and I don't do it by myself. But sometimes I see people forget to mention small but important details in their stories and, sometimes, they can't write more than two paragraphs. So this is why I have written these recommendations and hope to start a discussion below in the comment section.

How do you write travel reports? Can you advise beginners on how to write travel stories better? Please share and join the comment contest on Steem-Travelers!

This article has been written by me specially for Steem-Travelers Community. As the title image, I used a fabulous photo by Suzy Hazelwood / Pexels Thank you Suzy!

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That is really useful and well done. If you don't mind, I'll pin it to the wall and include it in our community guide for the newcomers. Great, great job - every member of this community should read your post.

This post is plagiarism-free

Thank you @papi.mati Pleasure to hear your praise. Pinning would be an honor for me, thank you.

Я хочу в Nicetown.

Классный пост. конечно! И если бы оно так всё в стиме работало.
Сколько можно увидеть хороших описательных постов с картинками классными, а в итоге они получают копейки.
И, наоборот. Текст ни о чем, сотню или 2 слов, пару фоток со смартфона мутных и прям зашкаливает поддержка. Валлет хороший у этого "писателя" :) Вот и итог.
Это констатация. Но мы не привыкли руки опускать.

Добавлю. Поддерживатели многие часто даже текст, наверное, не читают.

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Thank you! :) I also don't mind visiting Nicetown :) - I miss traveling.

In this community, the moderators read every post and evaluate efforts, quality, and progress of every author. So this is important for members to understand what is good and what is bad. Besides, there is a bigger world outside of Steemit, many travel platforms, communities, etc, and no one will praise you for an indistinct travel post that contains 10 selfies.

Therefore, learning is a key, no matter what level you are, we all learn.


Запостил английский вариант, чтобы все могли сразу понимать. Думаю, и так все понятно, не буду переводить )

Спасибо за коммент и репост!

Да, я с Вами очень даже согласен.
Я практически читаю все посты, за которые голосую.

Кто не хочет понять, тот не поймет, не зависимо от языка написания.

да собственно обсуждение этого ценнейшего методологического поста сразу и показывает кто из ху и твою правоту, мсье так сказать Кэп очевидность! состав малого курултая - автор, оба модератора да тебя и меня. sic!

Don't post more than 1-2 selfies. Focus on the destination, not on yourself.

Don't post slightly different images of the same object. This is quite common on Steemit but this is sick.

I totally agree with you and @papi.mati that comment before me. Excelente! :)

:) Thank you.

me +500


Great job, it’s really helping because I never had this idea on how to document about travel. Thanks very much #travelers-say

Thank you @jacksonmark1, glad to hear my post helps. I have already noticed a couple of times that some members of the community mention prices for this and for that, tell about transportation - I hope this is this article helped.

Good motives

Nice choice of a thumbnail photo @datych I love the vintage vibes. I'm glad and proud of you for going the extra mile by joining the 50/50 club 👏 I like and find useful the examples you included in regards to all bullet points you featured here. Last but not least I find mentioning the comment contest a cool way to encourage more members to share their thoughts 💭

The image is great, agree :)

Thank you!

Thank you so much @datych for this wonderful and eye opening write-up, I have really learnt from it and wish to apply all the tips in this post. Thank you, may you continue to share quality contents likes this. #travelers-say

Thank you @udyliciouz!

Hey, great insights!

I also add some interesting or weird facts about the place in beginning of the post to make the place more enticing. #travelers-say

Hey! Thank you!

But you post 1 image - 1 sentence. This is not the way to get much attention on Steemit.

Thanks for the suggestion :D

Good advice, I will keep in mind and try to do my best. All member of the group should understand the deep meaning of your post.

A massive thank you for sharing a lot of great knowledges about how the way good writing in #steem-travellers @datych 💖🥰