Visiting sunny Algarve - South Portugal

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Hi guys!!

The old market in the center of Olhao

I am inviting you to travel with me in Portugal. Portugal is a very sunny and beautiful country at the edge if Europe. It is a country with old history and rich culture. Portuguese people are really friendly and easy going. Whenever you ask people how to find the way or other tourist information, they are always willing to help. They can walk you to the right place for freem. Practically, all people I met can speak English. I saw even very old grandpas from remote villages who spoke in English.

Cilax in front of the Ocean

This time of the year is considered to be winter but it is still warm. If there is no wind, you can easily walk in a T-shirt in summer. I love to walk and see beautiful places with their history. Whenever I visit a new country I ran to the museums with my family. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures of museums and the art inside it. But we had great time taking pictures of all beautiful places around us.

Best time for an ocean photo

You can see beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Portugal has the biggest waves in the whole world. Surfers from all over the world come here to try their skills.

Sunset over beautiful Olhao

This is a beautiful port in Algarve and it has long history. Before this place was just a fishermen village. But recently Portuguese government received a lot of subsidies from EU government and the villages turned into small charming towns.

Motorbikes my passion

My passion are cars and motorbikes so I always pay attention what people drive around me. I think to live with comfort in a any place is to feel safe. If people drive safely and respecting each other then the country is comfortable for normal day living.

A bit of mess but in general is quite clean.

I also pay attention how people utilise trash. Luckily, Portugal is a very clean country with no trash problem. I think people care about their cities and streets so they throw trash in the bins and you can't see trash around the streets like in Spain, for example. I was pleasantly surprised to see many street cleaners who walk in the street and collect all the trash. The trash I took a photo is from the local open market that is organised every Saturday.

Sun and warm even during winter

I think anyone who loves warm climate and sunny weather must visit Portugal as it is so beautiful and unique. You will see all sort of small and interesting streets and eat delicious food.

Watching the boats is always funny

Thank you for reading my travel diary!

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Thank you for the invitation to visit the beautiful country of Portugal. I have met many people from Puerto Rico and they are excellent human beings. Good to know that many people in Portugal can help you without charging money for that, that speaks very well of their people. I love knowing that many people speak English, that's excellent. The photos are great. Portugal is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your post in the community. Greetings.

The post has been awesome. I was fascinated by the pictures. I want to go there thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures with us.


Thank you so much!!