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Greetings to my fellow Steemians in this wonderful community. I'm looking forward to participating in this term's contest, which is organized by @hive-111293 and has an intriguing topic title, "YOUR FAVORITE WAY TO TRAVEL." My favorite mode of transportation is by car.


First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to Allah for providing us with traveling mercy during our past and future journeys. To be honest, it is difficult to choose a particular mode of transportation to be one's favorite mode of transportation, because there appear to be so many ways to travel to a specific destination, and each mode of transportation has its advantages and disadvantages.


I particularly have the chance to travel through cars on the road. I have traveled a lot around Ghana, my beloved country, but have never had the chance to travel through airplanes or other means of transport except by car, motor bike, and bicycle.

Among these, I travel indoors through cars, because this method can be used to travel to any faraway place and can also give the traveller an opportunity to know many villages and towns that they will pass on their way to their destination, as compared to the use of airplanes.

And also, traveling with a car is also comfortable compared to traveling by motorcycle and bicycle. With a car, you can stop at any place to do anything you want before continuing your journey. Unlike with airplanes, you have no chance to do that. The pictures I am sharing with you are from a journey I just took from Narongo in the upper east region to Gushegu in the northern region, so I strongly stand by what I am saying.


At this point, it is my humble pleasure to thank this community @steem-Travelers for this contest and to all my Ghana reps for making steemit known to me. I really appreciate your hard work. Not to stop here, I would like to invite @abiba1, @nurdeen and @bravo3 to also join hands in this interesting contest.

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Thank you for participating. Yes, traveling by car has its advantages and ai like it a lot although ... I have to admit I don't have driving license so I used to travel only as the passager :)

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Ok, please I have done that @papi.mati