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My Dear steemians,
I am @alamgir833 from Bangladesh
Today is Thursday, January 13/2022

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Furomown Hill Helipad of Rangamati in Bangladesh

Good night, greetings to all my friends in this community, I am going to start today with one of my travel stories. One of the topics I am going to discuss with you today is Rangamati, the largest district in Bangladesh and one of the largest historical sites in Bangladesh, Switzerland. In one of its basins in this mountain, I will write about this Furomown hill helipad among you.

What can be seen at Mount Furomown hill helipad.

Notable among the things that can be seen here is the whole mind of Rangamati, the Kaptai Lake and the vast sea of ​​Rangamati and its bizarre clouds as the princess of the Himalayas. And from the top of the 1 thousand 517 feet high mountain you will see the huge body of water where there is some beauty floating in it. This Furomown Hill Helipad is located in the town of Rangamati.



To reach the top of Furomown Mountain you have to climb a staircase and it is about two to three thousand feet above the sea level. And to get this you have to get up as carefully as possible. From the top of Phuroman Mountains you can see the cloud-like view of the small boats on the shores of Kaptai Lake and the natural beauty that lies between the stars. Tourists of the mountains come here to visit this nature in the vast body of water of Kaptai Lake and in one of the magnificent basins of ocean currents.



One of the princesses of nature is this traveling hill. Everything else here is full of beauty and when I reached the top of this hill there was a silent joy in the nature The camera captured the raft of clouds and it took a while to rise above the sea level so it was very difficult to take these pictures. There was a very strong wind in this place.


The rest of the hill you can see here is the red clay hill and the red soil is found here. Looking at this picture from a distance it seemed like a natural red mountain. Also this place is known as red hill The scenery of this traveling hill is very nice where many tourists can come and visit here with joy in mind.


This is the first stage picture of the wonderful scenery of the scenery as the sun rises from this Phuromon hill. And from the east side of the rising sun it is nice to see that there is a lot of waiting to sit here with eager interest. So that you can take full advantage of the rising sun as well as immerse yourself in the natural beauty as well as the beautiful scenery here.


The whole atmosphere of the rising sun in the morning was different and the sun rose and it seemed as if the sun had risen like a cloud from the highest peak of the mountain. Tried to share which is a beautiful variation in nature and a description of how many beautiful clouds can be seen standing on the hill through the sun.


There were a lot of tourists here when the sun rose on the eastern horizon which you can see through the pictures. There were about a thousand people here to observe this sun. I captured this whole picture from behind. When I was sitting on the top of this hill, it seemed to me very nice that the joy of watching this sunrise in the midst of the curious crowd here was so wonderful.


This is the picture and the view of the Phuromon Mountains at night. You have to stay here at night with a lot of security. And I took this picture at night. It is a very nice environment and a manifestation of the darkness that descended on the earth.

I tried to make a video about the contents of my travel mountain trip and I also captured these three videos which you can see in the cloud kingdom of this Phuromon mountain and one of the nature of the rising sun. Let's go.

Link 1

Link 2


We hope you enjoy the full description of my trip and that you can come here.

I am a #Bangladesh user. I am not financially self-sufficient, so by participating in #Club5050 I would like to continue my activities on the #Steemit platform. That's why I'm hoping for the support of #Club5050. I am happy to share all the work of my #Steemit platform with Steemian friends.

Stay home, Stay safe. Be aware of Covid-19.

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My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the admins and moderators of this community.


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Thanks everyone.

Best Regards.

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