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Holidays are super days for me because I get to relax and refresh myself off days work. I am super excited to make my first post in this group. Thanks to the organizers of this engagement and contest. I am excited to share my holiday trip with you get some freshly chilled squeezed juice and cross your legs and enjoy.


It was a Saturday morning my friends and I decided that would go to a tourist site to learn more about the place. We chose The Kakum National Park which is in the Central Region of 🇬🇭 Ghana. It happens to be a canopy walkway that is in thick rainforest. The canopy walkway we were told was built by two Canadians in the 90s.


It was fun and so encouraging to walk on the walkway it was so scary because the walkway is just adjusted with ropes and wood. Walking past all the 7 walkways, built my confidence and wiped out all my fears. It's a real-life experience that I will recommend to all.


The Kakum National Park is a place I will love to travel to over and over again. @cherub27 @head1 @njaywan you can participate in this contest too💃💃💃

Thank you all for your attention I wish all of my readers will visit the place.

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I can't believe I have never been there before even though it's right under my nose. I hear great stories about it and always laugh to others experience about the canopy walk. Will surely pass by one day

You definitely need to vistit you will love it

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The stories about the canopy walk is just hilarious and I believe it take real courage to do that. I for one do not really like height because it messes up with my emotions. Lol But I may give it a try one day. Good you conquered. Have fun

You definitely have to give it a try. It will take away your fears.

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