The PAL snapshot has been taken for the first AIRDROP!

in hive-110490 •  3 years ago 

A quick update for all the PAL hodlers!

In preparation for the upcoming series of airdrops we have taken the first snapshot! In this round if you have more than 100 PAL staked you will be receiving a little Holiday gift that will be staked directly to your account on December 24th!

The airdrops will be monthly for the next 9 months so if you want some more of that PAL keep staking! For full airdrop details see this post: PAL airdrop announcement

Thank you PALs and Happy Holidays!!! Feel free to drop in and have a chat in the Palnet discord by visiting

Love, the PALnet team <3

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That is why I love Steem, the blockchain of opportunity. The opportunities are everywhere.

wow, intreresting ! I hope can get the chance :)

Can I get a whoop whooooop!

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It will be a nice gift. Thanks :-)


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Can't wait enough, it'll be amazing

Wheeeww... this is amazing!
Can't wait to see wherher I got the airdrop too


Can't wait

Interesting concept.
Power to the hodlers.

Thank you, for aidrop, super ;)

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Awesome, hopefully this will help me get to what I need for my 5000 Steem. It's always nice to get a little extra holiday gift.

Thank you!

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