Palnet news, what you need to know for airdrop #2

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It has been one month since the first airdrop for PAL stakeholders, now we are preparing for #2!

The minimum amount of PAL you must be holding to be included in this airdrop is 200 PAL, the snapshot will be taken on January 25th and the airdrop will be going out shortly after that.

You will not need to do anything to claim the airdrop, it will be staked directly to your account!


We are doing a series of 9 monthly airdrops of 140,000 PAL, for a total of 1,260,000 PAL.

The minimum amount of staked PAL will increase monthly as follows

  • January 200 PAL
  • February 300 PAL
  • March 400 PAL
  • April 500 PAL
  • May 500 PAL
  • June 500 PAL
  • July 500 PAL
  • August 500 PAL

Airdrop math

The airdrop is uncapped in terms of how much Pal you can have and be rewarded for. How much of the airdrop you get is based on a few things.

  1. We eliminate PALnet mods from participating in these airdrops.
  2. We take the square root of your staked and delegated pal. That's the number we use to figure out what your percent of the 140k pal airdrop should be.
  3. In order to participate in January you'll need to have at least 200 PAL staked. If you have less you won't get any.
  4. In later months the amount that you need to have staked to participate creeps up (see above).
  5. This won't be a claim drop. It'll be an airdrop. If you have at least 200 PAL staked at the time of the snapshot we'll send your account staked PAL.

We would like to thank our PALs for making steem an amazing place to hang out, as always feel free to drop in and have a chat in the Palnet discord by visiting

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Pal M.O.A.S.S. comming up!

what good news

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AWESOME News! We've got PAL staked, enough to qualify for all airdrops 👌

How does it count delegated PAL?

How does it count delegated PAL?

It's all on the chain, so delegated PAL is easily counted. The only concern is delegated OUT, that way the total native PAL can be counted.

Not HOW, sorry, that was unclear. My question is, if I have 1250 staked PAL, but I've delegated it to another account, will I get the airdrop or will they?

You get it.

It is interesting
I have PAL power774.57, but I delegated to another account 769.
In this case can I participate?

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Yes it will take into account your delegated stake also!

Very nice to receive these airdrops. Are there any new plans for creating utility or sinks for the PAL Token?

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Power to PAL!!!

Awesome 👋♨️👍


This is really great news!

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All jokes aside, I'm looking forward to this. Should be good!

Can't be mad at that, upping my PAL stake, moving up the rich list :)

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Sooo... What is the PAL token used for again?

sweet, don't remember the last one from 1 month ago? feels like it was longer than that when a drop came?.. bring it on😎

I am also wondering the same, when did the last airdrop happened?

It happened on the 24th of December.

Wann erfährt man, wenn es ausgezahlt wird?

I only knew about it today. Anyone got the Airdrop yet?