The IFO options in the RobiniSwap project.

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Greetings to all the readers of this great platform, in this opportunity I come to share with you a little more about the options that the RobiniaSwap project does not offer, in this case I will share with you some information about what we can find in the "IFO" option, this information can be found on the main page of RobiniaSwap, in the menu on the left hand side where it says "IFO", as shown in the following image.

Screenshot taken at: RobiniaSwap

Now, what can we get there? There they show us mainly the new tokens launched on the platform, to encourage people to invest, also getting dynamism in it, and increasing the amount of investment possibilities that exist in it, also when a new token is launched they show us the characteristics of them, this being a great market advantage for those who wish to invest in them, plus all the necessary information.

When entering "IFO" the first thing that shows us is the token that was recently launched, which was the YANABU token (YNB), offering in the market a total of 25,000 YNB, encouraging investment in the farm, with the pair YNB-BNB LP, being the investment that to date presents more APR with 1032.98% despite being only 5x, presenting a great possibility to invest, plus it is a token backed by the Youtube website, giving a great support to it.

Screenshot taken at: RobiniaSwap

In addition, in the "IFO" menu we can find an option that allows us to launch a new IFO token, in which they will ask us a series of requirements and describe us the step by step of how to make an investment in the RobiniaSwap farm, with the LP tokens, truly this page offers all the facilities to achieve to understand the DeFi market and make our investments.

Every day we can see that the creators of the RobinaSwap project, strive to create new initiatives that will enhance the platform and making it more attractive to the investor, this allows our resources are in an increasingly reliable project, being the opportunity to continue investing and managing to accumulate BRS token, in order to capitalize at the right time, just wait for the project to follow its course and go making adjustments.

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cuanto falta por aprender del mundo cripto gracias por tu publicación