The best investments in RobiniaSwap farm.

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Greetings to all readers of this great community, the great RobiniaSwap project, continues its natural course and each time having more investment possibilities, which is divided into 2 large group, the pool to invest in 1 only token, and the farm that gives us the possibility to invest in group of 2 coins, this type of investment is currently generating better percentage % of interest and some coins generate a very high percentage, compared to the rest of the possible investments.

Screenshot taken at: RobiniaSwap

Analyzing the current market, when we go to RobiniaSwap farm, we can observe all the currency pairs that exist in the market for investment and generate interest in RBS, these currency pairs have characteristics according to the behavior of each currency separately in the market, that is why making investments with 2 currencies that is not any stable, has some market risks, as they can lose their value.

The pair of coins that is currently generating the highest percentage (%) of interest is the MOON-BNB LP, this is one of the options that are managed on the farm which is comprised of 2 coins that are not stable, this means that its market value is variable, this generates great interest in the RobiniaSwap platform equivalent to 831.35% in the current market, but also great risk for the loss of value that can suffer both tokens and lose part of our capital.

The second coin pair with the highest percentage (%) of interest are the YNB-BNB LP, just like the previous option, we can also get it in the RobiniaSwap farm, but it is also comprised of 2 coins that are not stable, so they can lose their value both coins and lose our capital, however, this one generates a percentage (%) of interest of 760.52% at the moment, being really good for investment.

Although there are other currency pairs that generate more interest in the market, such as the 2 cases mentioned above, from my perspective the best possible investment comes in the RBS-BNB LP currency pair, although its percentage (%) of interest is currently in third place, this investment is made based on a stable currency and a variable currency in the market, it is also the native token of the platform, so in case it loses value we only risk half of the capital and usually this tends to gain value in the market.

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