New investment in RobiniaSwap for the RBS pool.

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Greetings to all readers of this great platform, in the present opportunity I come to share information with you regarding RobiniaSwap, and a new investment in the RBS token pool, thus increasing the amount of tokens which I have in the pool, to increase my profits in the near future that begins the recovery of the price of RBS, betting on the success of the project in the near future.

The image used is from Public Domain, Author: PixaBay

To make an investment in RBS, the first thing we must do is to have availability of another token in our metamask wallet, to exchange them within the same platform through the option that is on the left side that says trade, there we display 2 options Exchange and liquidity, we press on Exchange to exchange a token for RBS and it will send us the PancakeSwap page, where we can make the exchange without any problem.

As shown in the image above, we only need to select the amount we want to invest in the top line, and the second line will reflect the amount of RBS we will get for our investment, in this case 55.55 RBS.

The image used is from Public Domain, Author: PixaBay

In the image above, shows the availability of RBS I have in my Metamask wallet, which is 79,098, which is equivalent to the 55 I just bought, adding the remaining to the interest generated by my investments in the platform, from there taking everything to a new investment for the RBS pool, performing the process of Stake of the same.

To perform this process we must enter the menu on the left hand side of the RobiniaSwap page, in the pool option where we can get the different tokens in which we can make our Stake, remembering that in the pool the investment is made on the basis of only 1 token.

With such an accessible and constant price as the RBS, it is worth the constant investment that generates a large amount of interest, thus managing to generate many more RBS tokens, with these investments managing to generate resources passively, just by having our stake there, and in the not too distant future, manage to acquire very good profits at the time of the recovery of the price in the market.

All the images used by the Author @Chucho27 are Public Domain, in each one of them you can find the source of the image.

The image of the Banner at the bottom, is in the public domain obtained from: PixaBay

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