Copper from RobiniaSwap farm interests and reinvest in the pool.

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Greetings to all the readers of this great platform, in the present opportunity I come to share with you information regarding the great RobiniaSwap project, considering its investment methods starting with the farm, where we invest in 2 tokens to obtain RBS for the interests generated, and giving the possibility that the interests that we are generating little by little, we can reinvest them in the pool.

To perform these processes, the first thing we must take into consideration is to have already made a previous investment in the RobiniaSwap farm, and already have enough interest generated to make your withdrawal is greater than the small commissions but that always add up to something, in this case the collection of the RBS was made in the farm, pressing on the word Harvest, making the collection of our RBS, confirming with the wallet we use, in this case Metamask, as shown in the image below.

Screenshot taken at: RobiniaSwap

Once our RBS are collected, they will be reflected in our Metamask wallet, having them at our disposal, either for sale or to invest in the pool and add more capital and interest.

In this case the second step was performed, which was to reinvest the RBS generated by the RobiniaSwap farm, taking them to the pool through the RBS Stake, the process is quite simple, since you only have to press the + symbol that appears in the RBS pool, This in the case that we have already invested some tokens of this currency there, which will be added to our investment, I made a new investment of 27 tokens generated in the farm and some that were already in the farm that are added to the Stake, as shown in the following image.

Screenshot taken at: RobiniaSwap

The process of making investments in RobiniaSwap, is a really simple process, which generates a great speed to invest, besides being a highly reliable project for all who decide to invest, being in full development of its platform, this being a great advantage for people who go accumulating the native token of the platform and then begins the recovery of the price of the same, thank you very much for reading my article.

All the images used by the Author @Chucho27 are Public Domain, in each one of them you can find the source of the image.

The image of the Banner at the bottom, is in the public domain obtained from: PixaBay

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