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Hello Splinterland warriors!

Another week of Battle challenge with another monster from the DEATH SPLINTER OF CHAOS LEGION EDITION and here i am participating in this challenge which is hosted by the Splinterlands team thanks Always for the great support and arranging these challenges for us on weekly basis.



Rarity: COMMON
Element: DEATH
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: Sneak




In the battle lineup, i will explain all the cards one by one that i used inside the beta death summoner which reduces the melee attack and also i used the legendary death fallen specter which applies the demoralize ability to reduce the melee attack from the enemy team.


Zintar Mortalis is the leading Dark Summoner. His renown has earned him the right to have a name, which is rare among the Dark Eternal collective.Read more about this summoner

Well, here is the death summoner that i am not using all the time nor submitting or playing the quest battles with this and the untamed edition rare summoner the reason is that both summoners are at level 3 so i can not use it in higher rank battles better to chose other splinters while in high mana i am using the legendary death summoner of chaos legion edition which gives me some nice perks and benefits but here i am using this as it was low mana and went for this battle according to the ruleset where melee mayhem attack ruleset so better to reduce one melee attack from the enemy team by summoner and also i used the legendary monster which also reduces the melee attack from the enemy team.


In the first position, i went for the shielded monster the HARKLAW from the rewards edition with legendary rarity which has the shield ability to put this monster in the first position against the enemy melee mayhem monsters so this will get less damage because of the shield ability and also it has some armors which will waste some attack of the enemy monsters but this monster did his job well in the battlefield and gave me a nice victory.

In the second position, i went for the rare beta card the haunted Spirit from the alpha and beta edition which cost 5 mana in the battlefield and will give you some awesome ability the first one is healing that you can get from this card at level 1 while the reflection ability is at level 4 as it was a blast and melee mayhem ruleset so i put this card in the 2nd position to restores its heal if get damage from the ruleset of blast and it also did his job well which restores its heal and also give damage to the first enemy monster with his awesome melee attack.

Here is the main monster of this week's battle challenge the Silent Sha-vi which is a common card from the chaos legion edition with sneak ability at level 1 that i got in the gold foil edition at level 3 which works great with 3 melee attack. I used this card in the 3rd position because of its sneak ability to target the last enemy monsters and give damage to the adjacent monster with the blast ruleset while your other monsters will target the first enemy monster because of melee mayhem and blast ruleset so all the monsters did his job well as i am using this card sometimes inside the dragon splinter which works great because of its awesome melee and sneaks ability attack to target the last enemy monster while it has also some cool abilities of the cripple and piercing at max level.

Here is one more legendary from the rewards edition of old days which is the fallen spectra with demoralizing ability as i used this card to reduce the melee attack from the enemy team and can also attack with magic while it has some cool abilities the one is a headwind and flying the flying ability is at level 1 while the demoralize will be unlocked at level 2 and at level 3 you can get the headwinds also to reduce the melee and ranged attack also from the enemy team.

The undead priest is here with life reduced ability which you can get from this monster at level 1 to weaken your enemy while it cost only 2 mana with a rare rarity that gives one magic attack at level 3 the life of this card is awesome up to 4 life that you can get from this monster while the slow ability will be unlocked at level 5 by combining only 21 cards.

In the last position, i went for an epic card from the rewards edition which adds one life to all friendly monsters while costing only 1 mana in the battlefield that you can use in the first position also when there is low mana while you can get the strengthen ability at level 3 while if you make it max level then you can get the inspire ability which will increase one melee attack to your friendly monsters.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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