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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine. In today's post, I will be sharing a rare card from the rewards edition and belongs to the dragon family that i got for the first time and soon i will upgrade this card to level 5.


Unofficially, Dhampir Infiltrators are employed by the Gloridax Empire as spies, thieves, and assassins. Because of their half-vampire lineage, they are especially proficient at their work; they have the unnatural reflexes, strength, and agility of a vampire yet are not harmed by sunlight. Read more

Well, here is a new reward card from the dragon family whose circulation supply is very less as compared to other cards because of its awesome double strike ability that you can get from this card at level 1 while if you can make it level 5 or max then you will get some cool benefit from this card as i have seen many opponents have upgraded this card to level 5 with cripple ability and i just checked the market to buy this card or rent this card for my dragon quest on daily basis but it was not available in rental market because of less circulation supply so i will try to buy this card to make this card at least to level 4 for 2 melee attack that will destroy a 6 life monster if i will use this card in the dragon Daria splinter with double strike and the melee attack will get increased to 3.



The card abilities are awesome the first thing i am in love with this card because of its 4 mana cap that we can use in both higher and little league rulesets if there are high mana battles we can use this card in low mana and if there is a ruleset where you can only 4 mana cards that we can still use this card in both rulesets that are the main goodness of this card while the other awesome ability of this card is a double strike with the sneak ability and further you can get up to 2 melee attack and with cripple plus affliction ability at max level and one more thing is that we can use this card in all splinter inside the dragon because of its dragon rarity.



It was a tough quest and i was busy performing the duty of a 12-hour shift from morning to night so i did not make many loot chests for today and just made 4 loot chests in one hour after reaching home and finished other tasks and i am feeling lucky today that in four loot chests got one legendary card worth something which is a new card to my collection that i will share in the next post.


While on the other side i played lots of battles in my alt account during the duty time and made 15 loot chests but there i got useless cards because of the silver league rewards as in the last season i did not play battles in my alt account so the rating was in the silver league and we are getting the rewards from the last season league that is why i did not get good cards from my alt account.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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