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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine. In today's post, I will be sharing about the brawl battle and final result of yesterday brawls battles that you can see below in the snap about the position and rewards.



Finally, the result of another brawl is here and the next brawls will start in 13 hours means that after 13 hours the frays slot will be open that you can select the best one for your self where you can play either in the gold fray or all edition at level 1 and some other frays will be available for your guild players. I am very lucky that i have joined the level 10 guild which gives me some benefits of earning high RP points and DEC because of the level 10 guild while we can get some discounts when purchasing i did not try it yet nor seen it but you can read it in the guild about section.



To be honest i did not check out the last brawl result that which position we got but that one was better from this because we got some nice merits 2000+ and this time we did not play well because of some players including me i also lost 4 battles and won 4 battles but still the result was not good and on 5th place, we got 1900 merits and won 35 crowns as in tire 2 with 54 wins and 61 loss which are greater than wins but we will try our best to play safe and good in the next brawl.



Every Gladius single card is worth something because the value of a gladius card is not yet decided in the market that you can not sell, transfer but maybe in the near future you can sell this card in the market when the land and other stuff are ready so do not burn your worthy cards for DEC as many players will be burning these cards, especially the good cards like epic, and gold but i will be holding these cards to increase my collection power and airdrop points and will combine these cards to make it higher and upgraded versions like from this pack i got 5 cards all the cards are old and already in my collection but the rare card Captain Katie will be now at level 2 because i have now 5 BCX of this card.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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