Steem4Bloggers Contest # 03 | Tell us About The Technology Devices that You Use Daily | by @ishayachris

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Greetings to all the steemians in the house. It's yet another opportunity to relate with you in the noble community (@steem4Bloggers). In this contest, I will be sharing with you the technology devices that I use on daily basis. Before I proceed, I really love to appreciate the Moderators, and the Admins (@steemdoctor1, @malikusman1, @kouba01, @chiabertrand, @sachin08 and @solaymann) of this community for this amazing contest. Remain blessed as you read to know about my technology devices.

Its not longer a news that we are now in the world of technology. Technology has found a place in our life's, and on daily basis, we make use of it in order to carryout our daily activities effectively, and in a more convenient way.

Sometimes I do wonder what the world would have looked like without technology. We depend on the use technology for effective communication, transportation, business, farming, etc. I so much believe that in our world of today, we hardly go a day without making use of any technological devices, because in almost all our activities, we make use of a certain technological device or devices.

Personally, as a person who is part of this technological generation, I have some certain devices that I make use of on daily basis. This devices include my phone, laptop, and my phone charger. Although I make use of many devices, the once I mentioned, are the devices that I use on daily basis.

My phone


I believe I won't be wrong to say that my phone is now my best companion. With my phone, I don't feel lonely, because it always keep me company, and it also help me to carry out a lot of activities. With my phone, I communicate with my friends, family, and other people. My phone also made it possible for me to play music, and sometimes I watch videos on it. Most importantly, with my phone, I'm able to always make myself very active on this platform. I make use of it to write, post, and comment on articles in this platform.

My phone details

Productinfinix hot6 pro
Storage capacity36Gb
Main camera13Mp
Selfie camera5Mp
Battery capacity4000mAh

My phone charger

my phone charger

Its well known to us that mobile phone can not always be effective without charger. The reason is, the phone need to be charged from time to time. As such, I have a charger that always make it possible for me to power my phone. Below is the charger's specification.

Chargers details


my laptop

Another important device that I use on daily basis is my laptop. I make use of it to source information from internet, I watch videos with it, and I also make use of it to write some articles, and to make some graphic designs.

My latpto details

ProductDell latitude E5500
ProcessorIntel 2 core Duo
Optical driveHL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GT10N
Sizeheight x width x depth (in mm): 38 x 260 x 355 ( = 1.5 x 10.24 x 13.98 in)
Battery56 Wh Lithium-Ion, 11.1V

Thank you so for much for reading through.

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One of the best entry in this contest. I appriciate your daily technology. Best of luck for the contest.

Thank you for such an amazing comment on my post sir. I really appreciate

Great entry brother. You have done a great job in explaining your technological devices. You have a very good laptop mark and it's very strong

Exactly sir. I'm really enjoying working with it

We are glad you do brother...

You have presented the technologies in a very beautiful way. I like it very much. Thank you very much for participating in the contest.

Best regards 💖

Thank you sir

Great entry brother. You have explained the post in a very great way. Good luck and thanks a lot for sharing with us.

Thank you so much sir. I really appreciate

Interesting entry post. You included charger of phone but I didn't. You forgot to include a charger for laptop then 😉.

Hahahaha.., that's really funny dear. I really appreciate your visit

My pleasure. I am glad to see that I can create a funny comment, I am glad you enjoyed.


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